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Hello guys, I hope you enjoyed holidays and relaxed from work.

Because our last Pre Hosted Landing Pages got a lot of traffic and had amazing CR we added a lot more.

Plus big announcement from Monday we will pay even more for our offers. So you can earn a lot more. And if you find any network that have bigger payout than us, let me know and we will top that.

I will add few screenshots of them but if you want to see them all you can easily check them in our Pre Hosted Menu. Also our Bit Coin locker is integrated with Pre Hosted Landings and users GET Exactly what is on Lander, so you will not trick or misguide users.

Some of the Landings can be seen here:

Clash Of Clans

[Image: IFilvnY.jpg]


[Image: o7VSBNv.jpg]


[Image: ox6MRze.jpg]

Bloons TD5

[Image: miAK2h0.jpg]


[Image: 1CtUwpi.jpg]

Subway Surfers


And many more niches that we added. If you need help or idea how to promote them, you can always contact me for anything.

If you have any questions about this or need help with approving I am always available on skype or on email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.
Hey there guys, hope you are all doing good and that your earnings are great.
Our Team at Mgcash Media have made again some superb changes that not a single network have.

Have you ever wanted to put price of some offer as high as you wanted them to be? Well if you did, you can do that with us!!! We enabled option for users who use our BitCoin locker to put price of the lead as far as up to 10$ so you can earn even more with Tier 1 country’s that use BitCoin as payment.

So far we are still the only network that have this tool of all CPA Networks.
We are also adding daily more and more offers to boost your EPC and CR.

Some of the new offers that we added:

[Image: Povy7Nr.jpg]

If you need faster approval or want to join us, you can always contact me here or via skype or email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.

Bicoin Bot

Hey guys, we have another big announcement to make for all of you.
We implemented another great thing with our content locker to boost your CR.

We added new Content Locker: “Captcha” and integrated with that our BitCoin Locker too.
Here is the example how it looks like:

[Image: Dg8ZsFJ.gif]

As you all know, Captcha is very common now on every site, so users will be familiar with this and will do that quickly as they already see captcha everywhere.

This new locker is easy to set up and you can put it almost everywhere you want.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can always contact me here or on my Skype or Email.

My Skype is: nem.mgcash
My Email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.
Hello guys we have another amazing update from Mgcash team!

Have you ever wanted to build a Landing Page with generator but don’t have money to pay for it or you don’t have enough coding skills to do it? Well if that is the case, we made a template that you can edit to your niche and change everything in just a few minutes to your liking.

We offer you Landing Page builder that you can customize however you like and you don’t need to share your niche with anybody!

Here are some previews of how it looks like:

[Image: HMXJckk.jpg]

[Image: 8U6BYdH.jpg]

[Image: yx4fvb6.jpg]

Now this is the preview of what we made, but you can change all of that. From background, generator (add new values), change resources, new title. So completely whole Landing Page can be changed and we will automatically add locker so you do not need to worry about that.

Preview of the Landing Page creator:

[Image: ONrEYgc.jpg]

Now with this easy landing page creator you can create any lp in just a few minutes. If you need any help with this or want maybe to add something else, you can always send me a message and I will help you with anything. You can send me message here or on skype. My skype is: nem.mgcash
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.

Bicoin Bot

Hey guys, do you promote movies online but Conversion is low for you? If that is the case we have created Ultimate Video Link Locker Template just for you. With this new locker you will be able to have amazing CR with your traffic and you can completely edit this to your liking. So start using it right away and see your CR go off the roof. If you need any help you can always ask us anything and we will help you out.

Here is the preview of how it looks like:

[Image: MIudR2d.gif]

This Ultimate Video Link Locker Template even have sound in it, so that will help even more.

If you have any questions send me message here, skype or on the email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.

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