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AeroKing – The Future of Traveling!
There are few common and very obvious things in our life. Of those eating, sleeping and traveling are COMMON parts. That\u2019s exactly where AeroKing is here to help you. Everyone knows about Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology, which is really reshaping the future and things out.\u00a0\r\n\r\nThat\u2019s where AeroKing is making their contribution as well. AeroKing will make use of the existing architecture of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) in designing an algorithm for providing a seamlessly fast and Real-time airline ticketing system.\r\n\r\n[img][\/img]\u00a0\r\n\r\nFurthermore, AeroKing will facilitate the feature of hotel booking and reservation in over 1800 hotels worldwide accepting over 20 cryptocurrencies as payment either through the App or at any AeroKing centers at the airport.\u00a0\r\n\r\nAeroKing is presenting a friendly, easy and smooth use of Cryptocurrency in Airline sector. Overall, these benefits promise to provide unlimited opportunities for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency world, adoption of cryptocurrency on the existing connection available for booking flights through the IATA certified agencies fostering and supporting mainstream adoption.\u00a0\r\n\r\n[img]https:\/\/\/j5VYMH\/C.png[\/img]\r\n\r\nWith AeroKing you can facilitate easy and real-time flight booking, Hotel Reservation covering over 380000 hotels all around the globe and that with reduced cost having 10% discount. So now thanks to them, it will make traveling easy and cheaper!\u00a0\r\n\r\nThe Presale is about to begin with having up to 50% bonus, so don\u2019t miss this opportunity!\u00a0\r\n\r\nCheck further info here\r\n\r\n[img]https:\/\/\/mLJW8x\/A.png[\/img]\r\n\r\nOfficial Website:\r\n\r\n- https:\/\/\r\n\r\nWhitepaper:\u00a0\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/\/aeroking_whitepaper.pdf\r\n\r\nSocial Media Link -\r\n\r\n- Twitter: https:\/\/\/aerokingtoken\r\n- Facebook: https:\/\/\/AeroKing-Token-485470148517134\/\r\n- Medium: https:\/\/\/@smartstory2020\r\n- Telegram group: https:\/\/\/joinchat\/Hxdx2RF0EmkiseNL5RmPJg
Interesting post. It's really true that the current ways of traveling, ticketing are kinda obsolete and need to be modernized. But after all, sometimes it's easy and cheap visiting different places. For instance, last summer I was in Rome just to visit the Sistine Chapel And it was so perfettamente.

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