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Affiliate program JavaScript mining. Additional profit for your traffic
GRIDCASH.NET - affiliate program to monetize the traffic due to mining cryptocurrency Monero(XMR) from the browsers of visitors!

Mining is in process until the user stays on the page with the integrated code of GRIDCASH.

The advantages working with GRIDCASH:

 - Additional monetization of your traffic. You don't lose your advertising space, You don't have to sacrifice any banner or teaser.
- Accept any traffic where you can integrate JavaScript (js code)
- Easy integration
- Online statistics
- Advanced protection from antivirus and adblock. Antivirus protection by code obfuscation and frequent changing of code signature. Personal code signature for each partner. Encrypted data channel via WebSocket
- Automatic change of domains in the case of bans of anti-virus or adblock
- Personal domains on request
- There are no restrictions on geo, form and type of traffic
- The best conditions of the referral program (10%)
- Individual approach, personal Manager for major partners. Support team always ready to answer all your questions
- Minimum payout 0,004 XMR
- Tools for working with browser extensions. Tools for the traffic managers
- The API for working with the system: for games, apps and affiliate programs (in particular for resell).

How it works:

1. Get miner script (you can choose your preferred settings)
2. Insert the script to your website
3. Get profit

Join us

Our contact:
Skype: Support Gridcash
Telegram: @gridcash
Finally, the code for the miner has been updated and the long-awaited functionality has been added: you can adjust the intensity of mining from 1 to 100 percent!
By default, we recommend a load value of 60% CPU, but at your own risk and risk you can set the value higher.

Write to us in support, help you customize the code individually for you!
Skype: Support Gridcash
Telegram: @gridcash
Only in February! We will cancel the commission for you for two weeks! Just ask in support after registration!
The promotion was extended for two weeks due to the increased number of registrations!

Just ask it in support Wink
Great news! We released a new, even more inconspicuous version of the code, which provides more serious protection before antivirus and adblock. Everyone who has a local JS code is recommended to reinstall it.

It's time to join us or advise your friends (do not forget that we have the most favorable terms of the affiliate program Wink
Dear partners!

I’m glad to inform you that in the near future we finally turn to daily payments. Smile
A great opportunity to earn Monero before before the hardfork! Wink
Join us today and you’ll get 0% commission for two weeks!

Skype: Support Gridcash
Telegram: @gridcash
Hard fork from Monero has been postponed by six weeks, which means that you have even more time to stock up on coins to get a freebie! Wink
Don’t forget that we have preferential terms for major partners Smile
Join now!

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