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I invested $150 (payment made in bitcoins) with a
this site called over two weeks ago and chose an investment plan of 11% daily returns forever as was offered by the site. After few days i tried to withdraw my returns but was placed on "Pending Withdrawal" till the site went completely offline and its still offline till now, some said it was upgrading or something. Today i found the site advertised on Black Hat as a good investment site, it now has the word "grow" added to the site address and made some changes to its investment plans but other things remain perfectly the same and its still perfectly identical to each other, meaning by typing instead of the site opens but it still same site. But to my surprise i tried logging in but it kept saying my email and password don't exist. What can i do i need help?
Muyiwa, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Sep 2016.

I would never recommend those "investment" sites. THEY ARE ALL SCAMS!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don't understand why people are so credulous! Hate to say it, but you will never get your money back. If somebody advertised this site to you, ask him! If you have seen banner ads on BitcoinBlackHat, ask Google, they send me the advertisement.

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