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[BITSLER] DICE BOT + User Interface V1.4.8
Hey. It does work. I really like the feature that you can stop after a certain amount of profit (most bots I found didn't have this feature).

However, I have a question.
How can I make it so it doubles after a loss?
If I change the "increase on loss" to 100% it doesn't work (it multiply's by 4 after 2 times).

Could anyone help me please?

Thanks! Smile
thanks for report a issue , fixed new version 1.3
now works great, if you have other issue send me a pm
thizk, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
What do u think is the best strategy with more than 10,000 sats?  And thank u so much the bot is amazing, I won 700,000 sats, but the bot got out of control and I almost lost everything.  Big Grin Big Grin
out of control ? you can explain that? 

the strategy I use are
bet0.00000020chance3onlose# recommended on balance > 1000
bet0.00000008chance15onlose30 # recommended on balance > 1000
bet0.00000025chance7.5onlose9.945 # recommended on balance > 1000
thizk, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
nice bot, 2 thumbs up..........................................................
I mean the bot stopped respecting the stake and making ever higher bets until a bet 500k, but I won those 500k thanks to the bot so..., but despite that, it's a great bot, , if I get a similar amount again I'll send you a good tip   Smile
i am not able to set the bet mode how to do thatpls tell it shows bet mode incorrect what we have to type there
h = > 00.0 (high)
l =  < 00.0 (low)
z = for zigzag

use (h, l or z)  to bet how you wish
thizk, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
I still lose a lot even in my first try, I tried your settings but I guess it happens to all.
MrStarCorp, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Mar 2017.
Big Grin Some thing terrible Happened i started with 0.00000300 BTC it won around 0.000000580\r\nThen Suddenly this happened.\r\n[img=541x152][\/img]\r\nMaybe they are detecting the script or something else Tongue.\r\n\r\nNeed a mentor.
Any one Please make a bitsler script for low balance or update this bot please
Thumbs Up 
I will make an update for the low balance soon, the loss of everything is because the website detects the bot, I will try to fix that too
thizk, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
Can they really detect the use of a bot? and another question, you could share strategies to use with litecoin?, since the minimal bet is 100 satoshis... Confused 
I tried to use this bot but it doesn't work very well due to the amount of the minimum bet, I'm using a semi-automatic one that works well too but I would like to combine the use of both, and thank you so much again for this bot  Big Grin
is it working for low balance now? we can play on 200 satoshi with that. Is it give us profit if yes what was the bets

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