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[BITSLER] DICE BOT + User Interface V1.4.8
Hey Thizk its me again Smile
What you can try to do its keep using the same first to 1000 sat strategy that i gave you but lowering the increase on loss % to 40 so there is still profit but more chance Tongue its just a suggestion Smile
hey bro i m using your bot i would like to share a trick which i use:
1. chance 35% on loss increase 83% base bet 5 make initial 1000 satoshi's.
2. chance 50.77% on loss increase 40% base bet 5 make 1000 satoshi's with this as well. 

i have used it for quite a time but then i loose after making initial 1000 any trick from there on bro .
Hello, thank you very much for this bot. Can't wait to see future updates.
I'd love for you to tell us some strategies, specially after the initial 1000.
Again, thank you very much. Smile You guys are the best
I can’t wait for the update that prevents losses that will be a game changer ., thanks again guys for this bot ..

t,t update please
friend update this bot plz. I did not work with new bitsler update
update for the new interface, the low balance was eliminated because it does not work correctly, I continue the investigation to avoid losses when I do it, I will update the code

If you found an error, report it by sending a pm!
thizk, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
I hung up my computer for one night and my account was still empty
can you add function: restart bet on ..... loss?? thanks
The script update is absolutely beautiful. The bet mode changes after every win and works perfectly fine. Thanks thizk for the added feature.  Heart Wink

But after a long bet run, the script was having issues to change the bet mode. I'm not sure but I think the bitsler animated CSS for the bet mode makes it hard for the script to run. Although lowering the speed to 3k~5k the scripts runs fine. Other than that by decreasing the bespeed I'm safe from having a heart attack if I'm about to get busted next second .. Tongue
Hey everyone!
I am just curious what bet modes do you guys use?
I am still used to the old interface so i have no idea which one to use so far i am only losing, but thats probably cuz i dont know what to do.

Thanks in advance.
Can anyone help me please?
I am still trying to figure out what strat to use.
Thanks in advance,
i use this strat :
no of bets 50
chance=35 (high)
on lose increase =36% 
base bet depending upon your balance.
once I have completed 150 bets change seed.
Heey Thizk,
I have been trying something just for fun ;p
i have decreased the bet speed to 10 25 50 75 and 150 but here is the thing... 80 seems to work pretty good but... then the stop on profit starts to have delay, and doesnt work right.

If you know a way to fix this. please let me know Smile

It worked beautifully at first, but now I keep loosing anything I have in it. Could it be the system is detecting the bot and changing odds for me? How to avoid getting caught with the bot?

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