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Bitcoin is a Bubble - See Why
Bitcoin compared to other bubbles. There is only one which surpasses it: the Dutch tulip mania. 

But then again, you have no idea what the tulip mania was, so keep on going like a smiling fool.  Big Grin

Check out this chart:
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Bitcoin is the fastest-growing asset in the world this year,
What is an asset?

Real Estate, Gold, Silver, Tuna Fish, or Pot Belly Pigs.

The Sky, Air, Clouds and Rain are not assets that you can own.

Stayed tuned, we will soon start selling pixie dust :-)
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I still like how dogecoin was form, now it goes in seriously not as meme.
MrStarCorp, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Mar 2017.
This is how you make money by SHORTING bitcoin.


See attached picture. 

[Image: U2hYz5F.png]
Trade Bitcoin With a Legal Broker!

Nice posts guys, can't wait for you to give me more info about it

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