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Bitcoin price analysis
Follow here the bitcoin price analysis:

(Nov 21 2016, 02:12 PM)ED209 Wrote: Follow here the bitcoin price analysis:

Bitcoin price analysis

As opposed to prevalent media, Bitcoin does not require an ETF to stay important or to succeed. An ETF brings an expansive liquidity pool of cash to the computerized money, yet Bitcoin was never intended to be kept to principles and directions. Obviously, SEC foreswearing of the ETF was an extensive news occasion which took into account simple offering weight, down 25% on the day in a generally overbought advertise. Indeed, even without the ETF, Bitcoin increased extensive scope on a few news and media outlets that would not have generally secured computerized money — and there's no such thing as terrible press.

Bitcoin Price Target For 2017

1: Bitcoin needs a different type of analysis than traditional asset classes.

2: Bitcoin's fundamentals look great, with growing acceptance as a form of money.

3: The price of bitcoin could go as high as $2,000 in 2017.
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