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Bitpplay Club - Provably fair Bitcoin lottery based on a blockchain technology!
[align=center][img][\/img][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Hello, everyone! We are happy to introduce our project BitPlay Club to worldwide bitcoin community! We do believe that it\u2019s ready to be used and seen now, after a long time of hard but exciting work on this project. If you love fun, you are a big fan of cryptocurrencies and you want to check if today is the right day for getting rich, you might want to know more about BitPlay Club.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]Provably fair lottery for everyone.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Bitplay Club is an online lottery service. It\u2019s a bitcoin lottery based on blockchain which means it\u2019s provably fair. Everything is dead simple, you need to buy the ticket paying with BTC, choose 6 numbers on your ticket and wait for the results. All results might be checked with the help of [url=file:\/\/\/C:\/Users\/H24\/Desktop\/Work\/Lucy\/Texts\/][\/url] which means we can\u2019t rig them. Everything is transparent and reliable. So if you love lottery but you were looking for a place with [b]fair [\/b]and [b]transparent [\/b]results that you can trust \u2013 [b]BitPlay Club[\/b] is what you need.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]Our goal.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Our main goal is to provide anyone who wants to play lottery with this possibility. Our lottery is a place where everyone can play and easily win BIG. We don\u2019t have geographical restrictions so anyone who wants to try its luck is welcome to and we strongly believe that we might become a leading blockchain lottery with your help, after you try us out, of course.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]You decide what to choose.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]At the moment we offer only one lottery game but there are more to come soon:[\/align]\r\n[align=left]Our lottery is called [b][i]6[\/i] [i]out of 45 [\/i][\/b]where you simply need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 45. [\/align]\r\n[align=left]We use a unique formula for receiving winning numbers. This formula uses the data of blocks found on and calculates the drawn number.[\/align]\r\n[align=left]The draw is closed at 08:00 UTC and we take 2 hours for preparing everything for the number calculations. Drawn number calculation starts at 10:00 UTC. Our system takes every [b]odd[\/b] block found on blockchain after 08:00 UTC and based on its [u]hash[\/u], [u]height[\/u] and [u]hash of the previous block[\/u] receives the drawn number using the formula. If the same number has drawn once again in this draw, the system will simply skip such block and will wait for the next [b]odd [\/b]block. So basically we repeat the [b]odd [\/b]block selection till all 6 numbers are received.[\/align]\r\n[align=left]You can find the formula on our website.[\/align]\r\n[align=left]All results might be checked on our website or on using our formula. If you are good in coding you can check the formula yourself or show it to someone who\u2019s good in coding so he could confirm that everything is working correctly and we don\u2019t rig the results.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]Time for getting rich.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Each ticket costs 0.0001 BTC. Tickets can be purchased only in BTC from your internal account balance. You can add BTC to your balance from your BTC wallet. We accept payments in BTC at the moment but we will definitely set up additional payment options in future.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left][b]Prize pool and revenue distribution.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]60% of the total tickets sales goes to the draw prize pool Jackpot while 40% goes to the service management, referral rewards, marketing\/promotion of the project in order to increase tickets sales and make the game more interesting and profitable for everyone.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]From 60% we first take 30% and use it for the Jackpot increase.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Then we make payments to the Group 1 winners. [\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]The rest is considered to be as 100% and it\u2019s divided into 2, 3 and 4 groups:[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Group 1 \u2013 2 matching numbers \u2013 [b][i]0.0001 BTC[\/i][\/b][\/align]\r\n[align=left]Group 2 \u2013 3 matching numbers \u2013 [b][i]25%[\/i][\/b][\/align]\r\n[align=left]Group 3 \u2013 4 matching numbers \u2013 [b][i]33%[\/i][\/b][\/align]\r\n[align=left]Group 4 \u2013 5 matching numbers \u2013 [b][i]42%[\/i][\/b][\/align]\r\n[align=left]Group 5 \u2013 6 correct numbers - [b][i]Jackpot[\/i][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]The prize pool of each group will be divided in proportion to the number of winning tickets in that group.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left][b]Initial Jackpot is 4 BTC.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]If more than one ticket hit the jackpot, the prize will be divided equally. The jackpot is accumulative and if it\u2019s not hit by anyone, it will be rolled into the next draw. Bitplay Club reserves the right to channel some part of the jackpot commission but not more than 50% of it to the reserve funds and use it for future jackpot in case current jackpot is hit.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]Beauty of blockchain technology.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center]There are a lot of online lotteries over there but can you be 100% sure they are fair? Our lottery is a blockhain based one which means it gives transparency of the results to anybody who wants to check it, it\u2019s available to anybody without any geographical restrictions, it is provably fair so we don\u2019t rig the results. We believe that transparency of drawing is the key factor in lotteries. We want to build a strong business which will be growing day by day.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]Additional way to make some money.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center]By the way, winning at a lottery is not the only way to benefit. We run an amazing referral program which allows everyone to bring other people to our website and get a reward. You can get 5% of every ticket\u2019s cost purchased by your referral. It\u2019s going to be credited to your Bitplay Club account balance after the draw is closed and all tickets are counted. If you are doing pro affiliate marketing, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss special conditions.[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b]All successful stories start from a ticket purchase.[\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]So, in case you want to try your luck, here is how you can buy your lucky ticket Wink[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][align=left]
  • Sign in your Bitplay Club account.\r\n
  • Deposit funds to your account balance.\r\n
  • Fill out your tickets and pay for them.\r\n
  • Wait for the draw results.\r\n[\/list][\/align]\r\n[\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]If anybody has any questions, please contact us at our email address: [[email protected]][email protected][\/email] or social media: [url=https:\/\/\/Bitplay.Club\/]Facebook[\/url] and [url=https:\/\/\/BitplayClub]Twitter[\/url], we\u2019ll be happy to help Smile [\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=left]Bitplay Club website:\u00a0https:\/\/\/[\/align]
Hello everybody Big Grin

As any new service, we want to get the maximum promotion possible so we decided to run a Thunderclap campaign.

This is the platform where you support different campaigns through a FB or Twitter post. So if somebody wants to supprot it, please visit Thunderclap and search for Bitplay Club.

If you want to promote our services through the affiliate program, contact us for a special affiliate conditions Smile
Dear Community!

We are provably fair lottery and we want everything to be transparent, this is why, we'd like to share the details of the signed message in the transaction with the jackpot funds. We want everyone to see that we do have those funds ready to be paid out to the lucky winner of the jack pot!

Here are the details:

Address: 1LT5Rck8WdNbJQEngSZQHQv2CYwWHeP28j

Message: jackpot

Signature: H86KYhHuesqnCfeiygLLLPowB2GtsMV/hcJuGGAm4LXVKSrTC78thWlRl9cMV/Xs2Du2HpdUsHOw9X8Wwfd1dD4=

You can use any tool to verify it.

Here is our website:
Hello friends,
Simple and intuitive interface was one of the key factors for us while working on the product, however some of the customers still ask a lot of questions regarding different aspects of the lottery.
We decided to add the step by step tutorial showing up after your first login. It would be much appreciated if you could give us your feedback regarding the tutorial, if it makes things clearer or not and regarding the interface in general, your feedback is very important to us!
Thank you in advance and good luck!
Hello everyone!

Our lottery is a Bitcoin based one: all from price tickets to jackpot is determined in Bitcoins but…from now on those of you who want to top up Bitplay account balance with altcoins can easily do it with the help of an integrated exchange service without leaving our website.

The process is automated so all you need to do is to send your altcoins to the given address and receive Bitcoins to your balance which you can later use for ticket purchasing.

Hurry up and try to hit the jackpot of 4.295209 Bitcoins!

Our website is:
Bitplay Club lottery is a platform where you can win Bitcoins. Our jackpot is over 4 BTC at the moment and it keeps on growing.

Ticket price is only 0.0001 BTC and to make things easier, we integrated an exchange service which lets you make deposits in ALTCOINS.

Please check our website, it might be your lucky day today!
Hey everyone!

One of our recent updates is Russian website localization. We invite every Russian-speaking bitcoin enthusiast to participate in our lottery!

Our jackpot is currently worth of 4.513999 Bitcoins! Bitplay Club lottery is a provably fair one with the draws based on Bitcoin Blockchain!

May the luck be with you!
Bitplay Club
thank u for giving time to understand, I truly appreciate your encouraging knowledge and work,Thank you one more time!
No problem! Please don't hesitate to ask us everything you'd like to know about our lottery!  Smile
Hello everyone!

We are excited to inform you about the release of a brand new Bitcoin lottery game - 5x36!

This game has fixed prizes depending on the amount of winning numbers you have in your ticket and a starting jackpot of 0.2 BTC which will be growing day by day until it's hit!

The price of the ticket becaome even chearper, it's only 0.00005 BTC!!!

The game is still provably fair and you can make sure in it using our open source formula!

Hurry up and try your luck, the odds are just awesome!

Our website:
Hello everyone Smile

Our Bitcoin lottery is now getting even more accessible to Vietnamese customers since we have just rolled out Vietnamese localization!

Enjoy and may the luck be with you!

P.S. Jackpot is more than 5 BTC now!
Hello friends! \r\n\r\nAs [b]Bitplay Club[\/b] lotteries continue to gain traction, we thought we might remind you that our platform is a duly [b]licensed Cura\u00e7ao-based[\/b] egaming business.\r\n\r\nThe [b]license [\/b]that we obtained provides our customers with extra confidence and trust as to the reliability and transparency of our operations. The licensing information [b]can be viewed at the bottom[\/b] of our [url=]website page[\/url]\r\n\r\nPlay and win confidently! If you haven\u2019t tried your luck yet, it\u2019s a great time now to fill out a few tickets, and [b][i]try to hit over 5 Bitcoins![\/i][\/b]\r\n\r\n[i][b][url=][\/url][\/b][\/i]
Hello everybody Smile\r\n\r\n[b]Bitplay Club[\/b] - provably fair Bitcoin lottery announces the release of [i]Thai website[\/i] version. We have a lot of customers from Asia so Thai language is one of the first that we've released. \r\n\r\nOur main [b][i]jackpot [\/i][\/b]is more than [i][b]6 Bitcoins[\/b][\/i] now! Try your luck today!\r\n[url=][\/url]\r\n
Hello Everyone,

We are going through the complicated process of implementing card payments on our platform and one of the key features of this is a redesigned process of ticket purchase!

The new design has been released already, please check it out and let us know what you think about it! Every feedback is so important to us!

P.S. We assume there are people here who haven’t played the lottery yet. If you read this post, would you share your feedback about this and let us know what we should work on to become a service you’d be happy to use? Smile

The JACKPOT for 6-45 lottery is now almost 8 BTC !

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