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does it still work ? cuz i tried and it doesn't seem to work no more.
adrianslater, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2017.

I think bitsler have blocked it or it has expired because its no more working.
benjay, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jan 2017.
Hey guys im not sure if i will update this bot, i lost it source code i just have an old version...I will think in the while the thread is here to solve some problems, all known problems were talked and posted on the thread...

If the bot dosen't work , you must be doing something wrong, please read carefully the instructions on the first page

Thanks to all that sent messages with suggestions, i cant reply to everyone specially cause i have not been around

If you are a new user, make yourself my referal , is the thanks enough for me

When something bitsler related pop up, you guys will be the first to know!
hey after this it gets stuck tell me what to do and secondly i just want to mak 10% of my initial balance thats it .I dont want double or 10 times just 10% of my balance. Thanks

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hi it gets stuck after this please help anyone. thanks for btc its not working please help me out guys

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I have a mac.
I downloaded the file, but I just got a php file.
What do I do now? How do I start the bot?

Do I need to do: "Inspect Element" > "Console" and paste the php?
Or do I need to do something with terminal?

Please someone help me. :$

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