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Not going to work. 21x limit for 3 weeks on the faucet.
daxxx, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Apr 2016.

(May 01 2016, 06:21 PM)tefl0n Wrote:
(May 01 2016, 05:55 PM)btcludo Wrote:
(May 01 2016, 05:12 PM)tefl0n Wrote:
(May 01 2016, 01:22 PM)daxxx Wrote: I have had success with a progressive bet strategy on bitsler. Always started with the faucet and quite a few times i have gotten over .0002 (min. withdrawal is .00005)..i have been betting 5x the min until you lose 4 or 5 times in a row then up the bet..odds are more in your favor. I have lost 18 times in a row with this strategy so be careful, but if you are starting with the faucet its no risk..

good luck
It sounds like you are using a modified (more conservative) Martingale strategy. In the long run, Martingale is going to lead to a huge loss. But it's not your money anyway so it's not a big deal.

I have used a Grand Martingale strategy (increase the bet 2.1x on every loss, at 2x payout, return to base on win) before on I invested 0.0009BTC, paid 3,520 satoshi in miner fees to deposit (3.9%) and I grew the 86,480 satoshi I had in the game to over 0.002BTC. Then I lost 181,887 satoshi in a 14 bet losing streak. Was left with only about 0.00018BTC. Then I blew that amount too and was left with only 3,618 satoshi (lol). Then I just gambled everything in one bet on a high payout in a desperate attempt to win back everything. And I lost it all.

My new strategy is going to work in the long run mathematically. If they give you 1250 satoshi every 3 minutes and you have a 1.12% of winning at 88.3929x, it'll take you 89.2857 tries on average in the long run before you win the 100,491 satoshi (your take after withdrawal fee). That's an average of 1125 satoshi earned per roll. That sounds like one hell of a faucet to me don't you think? Big Grin If you are less patient, you can use a smaller multiplier but you will get less reward per roll in the long run because of the 0.0001BTC withdrawal fee. And if you are more patient, you can aim for a larger multiplier and net a larger reward per roll.

If your calculations are okay it would be worth it to make a bot to claim from the faucet each 3 minutes an bet like you are saying here.

I'll make my own calculations and if it is correct I'll start working on that bot Big GrinDD
(solving a captcha costs around 300 satoshi).

In fact, if this works well the income would be 100,491 satoshi each 4 hours.
(minus 89*300 satoshi because of the captchas = 73,791 net profit)
Yeah my calculations are accurate.
If you bet 1250 satoshi on the site at 1.12% win chance, you get a 88.3929x multiplier (taken straight from the website, I didn't calculate the mutliplier) and you profit 109,241 satoshi (once again taken straight from the website, I didn't calculate this).

Plus you get to keep the 1,250 satoshi you originally wagered. That's a total of 110,491 satoshi in your balance.

-10,000 satoshi withdrawal fee = 100,491 satoshi pure profit.

1.12% win chance = 1/.0112 = rolls on average needed to win = 89.2857 rolls to win on average

3 minutes/claim * 89.2857 rolls to win on average = 267.8571 minutes to win 100,491 satoshi pure profit on average(4 hours 28 minutes)

100,491 satoshi pure profit/89.2857 rolls = 1125.499 satoshi pure profit/roll on average

If you create a faucet claim bot for this, it will be greatly appreciated. But I'm afraid of getting banned using the bot. Because I gamble regularly and I invest money into gambling (from faucets and also from completing offers at Casho).

Perfect, I'm on it.

Well, as always use the bot at your own risk. But in case they ban you, there are more of this casinos Smile

(May 01 2016, 07:22 PM)daxxx Wrote: Not going to work. 21x limit for 3 weeks on the faucet.

In case that what you say is true what we could do is to bet with a x21 or x20 winning profit. We will win more regularly so I think it will compensate.

With a x21 payout the chances are 4.71%. So in the long term we'll win once each 21.23 bets. That is:

- 21.23*300 = -6,369 satoshi for the captchas
- 10,000 as withdrawall fee
+1250*21 = 26,250
TOTAL = + 9,881 per hour more or less (63.69 minutes)

Mmm, I've read their terms and conditions and they say this:


14.1. Only for earnings from faucets, we reserve the right not to authorize withdrawals. "

i have won from the faucet before and withdrawn...
daxxx, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Apr 2016.

The bot is finished. I'll leave it working tonight and if it works I'll release it tomorrow Smile

awsome...i hope to give it a try
daxxx, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Apr 2016.

This is what I got:

[Image: 1124xlx.png]

The bot works well, and mathematically it is possible but as there is a limit of 20 claims per day it would take 4 days to get those 100,491 satoshi instead of 4 hours Sad.

I'll keep trying until it works and then I'll release the bot.

I've run the bot I coded some time ago and it worked Smile
The problem is that you can run it only once a day. You can try to make multiple accounts to play more than 20 times each 24 hours but I don't know if it will work.

You can use proxies too, but make sure they are fast and you take some cover (block webRTC and spoof canvas fingerprint at least, more info here). The ones I use work perfect ---> ActProxy.

If they aren't fast enough you will send blank captchas to the captcha service wasting money :|

You will have the bot available to download in five minutes. Check the free bots forum.

[Image: bits.png]
[Image: image.png]

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