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Bot to solve the captcha in the site Bitradio
[color=#212121][size=xx-small][font=arial, sans-serif][color=#212121][size=medium][font=tahoma, sans-serif, arial]Download:\r\nIt's good to like music, especially when you get paid for it!\r\n\r\nBitRaDio is a free radio service that brings together over 30,000 radio stations on its platform. https:\/\/\/?ref=43188\r\n\r\nBRO - a new cryptography with Masterdn technology and the PoS consensus algorithm. One of the characteristics of this currency is the distribution method in the form of free distribution to listen to radio stations on the platform. The number of coins is directly proportional to the listening time. It is worth noting that the number of radio stations on the platform is simply huge and moreover, without advertising.\r\n\r\nHere, everyone will find your wave ..))\r\n\r\n\u27a5 What you need to do:\r\n\r\n1. Register https:\/\/\/?ref=43188\r\n2. Download the bag for your operating system (download links at the bottom of the homepage)\r\n3. Copy the Receivve address and paste it into the payment address\r\n4. Listen to the radio and collect the coins in the bag.\r\n\r\n\u27a5 Installing the bot:\r\n\r\n1. Install the Mozilla Firefox browser with at least 49 versions; i recomend 47.0.2\r\n2. Install the Mozilla Firefox browser extension called Imacros for Firefox 8.9.7 (it is desirable to install this version, since a newer or very old version can and probably will work with errors);\r\nUPD: Prevents Imacros from being updated in the extension settings.\r\n3. In the file downloaded with the bot to replace the asterisks (*****) in the RUCAPTCHA.COM service API key (2CAPTCHA.COM). You can open the file with any text editor, for example, Notepad , link to the official website in the right block in the Useful Programs section.\r\n4. Add money from RUCAPTCHA.COM electronic money service or make money directly to the service or using a special program;\r\n5. Register and log in. https:\/\/\/?ref=43188\r\n6. Start the bot.\r\n\r\nHow it works:\r\n\r\n- Every minute checks to see if a new CAPTCHA has appeared. If so, insert it.\r\n- Verify that the connection has been paused or paused by the radio, reload the page and press Play.\r\n\r\n\u27a5 Completion of the BRO in Bitcoin on the stock exchange: https:\/\/\r\n\r\nMail: [email protected][\/font][\/size][\/color][\/font][\/size][\/color]
VM83:10 Uncaught ReferenceError: iimPlay is not defined
at <anonymous>:10:1
Install the Mozilla Firefox browser i recomend 47.0.2, and take a screenshot of the error please
hello can you help me with one captcha of other website please.
yes bro send me PM and i will help you, and how could i help you
bro i send you a pm. the thing is that never download the captcha the script.
i can pay you bitcoin if you can help pls. waiting if you can reply me!! i can pay you btc.
Hello bro , do you run it 24 hour ? Cause I wanna do it on my vps
bro I have ready something very good sorry for the late and not contact with you before but can pay. pls if you are back write me
bro its very urgent this I have ready the money pls 100 dollars btc if you can help me with this its urgent im serious pls contact me
friendlordbed what you need?

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