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Hi guys this is CRAZYBTC.
First you need to invest 0.01btc only (that's around $7) If you think to invest 0.01btc for this system is much, then let me tell you one thing, this amount can get you only 3 squeal meal. If you want to become a millionaire you can sacrifice this and in seven days time you may go to the Restaurant in your own car.
After you have upgraded your account, you can bring/refer 5 members below you.
Hence without putting any efforts you will earn 0.05btc.
This is the initial way to earn after you have reached 5referrals limit, you have to upgrade your account to level 2 to earn from your level2 referrals, the upgrade fee for level2 is just 0.03btc. This amount you have already earned from level1. So you are not using anything from your own pocket.
Level 2 is simply amazing here is how the passive earning thing works. you need not refer any members under you. Your level 1's 5 members will refer 5 members under them(just like you did in level 1)
So you will now get a question, How do i get the level 2 payment. You will earn this level 2 payment from your 25 level 2 referrals(Total earning will be 0.75btc)
Level 3 works the same way and you get to earn a total of 38BTC ($27000).
[Image: 4pv98l.png]
Sign up now:
If you have a problem contact me.
[Image: ndsrw9.png]
samuelpana, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Dec 2016.

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