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CRYPTO MINING GAME, Earn Satoshi, Doge and Litoshi
(Nov 26 2017, 05:06 PM)Tiberian1986 Wrote: Can you make just for fun a lvl or H power ranking of the player Big Grin
Could lead to a ranking battle in H Power which can motivate players.

And ofc deposit would be cool Big Grin
or a change to increase even more the mining time. Because even when my H power is high i will never be close to the "expected monthly mining" with  a 1-2h intervall.

For the user stats, I will do it soon because stats are already good to know with a lot's of users.

Concerning the deposit, Many user ask me, so I think I will make a survey to know if most of user want it, I will Wink

thank you for the answers! I haven't read it, but now it's clear Smile

Very nice game, man! I like it and looking forward what functions you will add!

I've noticed that you use shorten link services for 20-30% off all clicks which only count 1 hit per ip/24h.
Think you will make more money if you just use services like onlinebee (which you have) who are counting every view.
Okay, price per 1000 is much less than the others, but while i'm playing you lost about 80 to 100 clicks cause 24h rules. Counted on a few hundred players that's some satoshi you loose.

Maybe you can add some features to dispay that high payed links just once per day and user and for the other clicks use the low paying but counting...
Or you could add some "special bonus" for each high paying service which every user can claim once per day.

This is what i found for my future project, there may be more...:
- 1,50$/1000
- 1,50$/1000
- 1,20$/1000
- 1,00$/1000

Please don't understand me wrong. I don't want to tell you how to handle your game.
I like it very much and just noticed how you can make more money with it...and i hope that's also good for your players Smile
You're not the first person to ask for deposit, we'll see if it's really needed.
We are working on some very fun features Wink
Have fun!

Crystal introduction and algorithm updates

Have fun!

I dont get cristals by missions xD?

I think there is a bug because I dont get any cristall by missions Big Grin
First lottery done!

Congratulations to the winners :

14661.52380952 satoshi + 7331 Crystals

5639.04761905 satoshi + 2820 Crystals

3383.42857143 satoshi + 1692 Crystals

Next one tomorrow!!

Have fun!


At each 5 level (level5, 10...), you can now go on expedition to find Crystals!

Have fun!
We've released new updates for Crypto Mining Game. New real mining feature to increase your earnings and HPower, update of crystal chance in missions and mining cost... Check this news to find out more.

Have fun!
Update V0.9 - Gifts are finally here!

In this update, we've introduced Gifts system to our Game! Use your satoshi and crystals to get free Gifts! Enjoy and have fun!

Don't hesitate to send us suggest, we really like your advices!

Here's the news -->

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