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Captcha Solver for example Faucet collector [Use of my server]
Are you a big runner and pay like $20 in captcha's each month at example DBC or 9KW?
I'll be offering a service to use my server for captcha cracking at $10,00 a month for unlimited captcha's from ONE ip address.
You'll be paying for Each month in advance and have the right to cancel at any given time. Upon cancelling your license will be valid till the "Credit in days" is filled. At $10 a month this will be $0,33 a day in captcha's. 

What I will be needing from you:
Your IP address, this will be setup through my FireWall so you can gain acces.

Fair use policy:
If you spam the server with two or more captcha's every second I will be disabling your IP and no refunds will be made.

Payment can be made by Banktransfer or PayPal.
Contact me for any details.

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