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Crypto Farmer Game Online
[size=large]Hi Friends,[\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=large]today I want to present you a new game![\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=large][url=][\/url][\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=large]try it and let me know what you think\u00a0 Tongue [\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=large]good bye \u00a0and good luck\u00a0[\/size]
I've tested that site. You can get 12000 points (12$) payout and not more.
You need "harvest points" for payout and for me getting new points don't work.
thanks for the review.

I currently have 18,000 harvests that are equivalent to 18 $.

I will keep you updated ;-)

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