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Crypto-mining Game - Earn Bitcoin for real
Hey guys   Shy

I have been lately addicted to this funny game:
[ Be a dear and register under my ref  Angel ]

I'm gona leave some tips and tricks about the game:

Game resume: Do missions to increase HP to "mine" more satoshis, get crystals in order to "mine", and experience in order to level up and get the level privileges. To do missions you need Energy, it will only increase +2 every 10 minutes, the energy slots available are equal to your level.

If you intend to stay a lot of hours playing intensively the game


Claim +1 energy every 10 minutes
Be always mining

If you are interested in increasing HP do missions Level 4

if you are interested in increasing experience do missions Level 5 (satoshis only) and Level 6

Every time you reach +- 118 satoshis go to "Bonus/Boost" and Buy 1 energy pack, spend all in missions
Exchange your alt coins to satoshis to buy boosts


- Before you claim a mission that will level you up, make sure you spend all your energy since when you level up you energy slots become full.

- Claim the Daily Bonus every day.

- If you are interested in the real mining option and you have more than one computer, you can log in to your account on the different computers go to the mine for real page and mine. If you only have 1 computer you can open the mining page in other browser instance in order to leave always open and mine.

I hope you enjoy the game, is really addictive.

 [IF you enjoy the tips be a doll and register or re-register under my ref  Shy ]


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