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Cryptocurrency Trade Ideas and Latest News
Bitcoin – How Far Down?
On the 8th of November, Bitcoin has reached an all-time high, hitting $7900. After Bitcoin has formed a head and shoulders pattern and it looks like it will continue to go down.
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NEM Getting Ahead Of Bitcoin?
Yesterday NEM broke above the downtrend trendline, showing its’ strength against Bitcoin. Prior to that, a bullish divergence was formed on RSI Oscillator, and then downtrend trendline of the RSI was broken. Here you go, more signs of XEM/BTC potential upside move.
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MaidSafeCoin Moving Up Under Heavy Trade Volume
MaidSafeCoin wasn’t much of an interest for investors in the past few months as with a continuous decline it dropped by 64%, moving from the all-time high $0.78, down to $0.28 -the lowest low since August
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Monaco Coin Could Skyrocket After Showing Their Visa Cards
Today Kris Marszalek the CEO of the Monaco coin has unveiled the finalized and approved designs of Monaco Visa Cards, with more information to come on Tuesday the 14th! The Monaco Coin value responded in a positive manner sending it higher by over 30% up until now.
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Stellar Bullish Potential Is There
Stellar continues to be one of the most attractive Altcoins, considering the recent performance. Since 15th of September, when it tested the low at $0.0063, it showed a good growth, rising up to $0.048, with a healthy 675% growth.
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BitBay Long Term Trend Is UP
BitBay reached an all-time high in June, hitting $0.053, after which a heavy corrective wave down followed, where BAY/USD lost 75% of its’ value against USD. However, BitBay long-term trend remains upwards as the uptrend trendline has been respected by the market participants and at the same time, RSI Oscillator also bouncing off the trendline.
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Bitcoin 40% Correction Tendency
On the 8th of November, Bitcoin has reached an all-time high against USD, testing $7900 price tag. Immediately after a strong corrective wave followed, where BTC/USD moved down to $5400, losing over 30% in just 3 days.
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IOTA vs Bitcoin Upside Targets
Very good performance has been shown by IOTA during the past week. IOTA has outperformed Bitcoin by 130%, rising from BTC 0.000045 up to the current price that is BTC 0.0001
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ZCoin Is Solid Against Bitcoin
On August 18th ZCoin found the bottom near BTC 0.0016 after a strong corrective move from BTC 0.0075. Then after an extended, consolidation, the ZCoin has formed a strong support level at BTC 0.0016, which has been rejected multiple times. At the same time resistance has been formed near BTC 0.0034
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EOS More Gains To Come
EOS does look pretty strong while forming the support in the shape of a double bottom at $0.47. Then, the strong rise followed, when EOS/USD went from $0.47 up to $1.41, gaining almost 200% profit against.
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Dash Changing The Trend?
Dash found the support at $260, that has been rejected at least 3 times. On the 7th of November, it finally managed to break above the downtrend trendline as well as 200 Moving Average indicating its intentions to change the direction, from sideways to up.
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Metaverse Further Weakness To Be Expected
The Metaverse coin continues trading within the descending channel and it fails to show any signs of strength. Strong resistance has been formed near $4 level that previously acted as a support.
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OmiseGo Breaking Above The Trendline
On the 2nd of November, OmiseGo tested $5.5, which is the lowest price since August. While testing the low it rejected the 327.2% Fibonacci support level applied to the corrective wave after the downtrend trendline breakout.
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MaidSafeCoin vs Bitcoin Bullish Divergence
Bitcoin has been outperforming MaidSafe coin up until the 2nd of November when it tested 4086 satoshi. At the same time, it rejected the 227.2% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout.
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Bitcoin Plus – Time To Go Down?
BitcoinPlus found the bottom at $30 psychological round number after which it went up sharply hitting $123 and gaining 330% in less than a week.
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NEM Does Look Pretty
After a strong correction from $0.358 down to $0.138, with a total loss of 60%, NEM finally found the support at 261.8% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout.
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AEON Soon To Rise?
Aeon reached an all-time high on the 1st of October, hitting $3.74. The correction down took place and AEON/USD was moving down for just over a month. On the 3rd of November, it was stopped by 127.2% Fibonacci retracement at $1.15, where it found the support.
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Factom vs Bitcoin Bullish Divergence
Factom found the support at BTC 0.0015 after which it broke above the downtrend trendline. The breakout was accompanied by the bullish divergence on the MACD indicator suggests that the trend could be reversing to the upside. On the 4h timeframe, FCT/BTC also broke above the 200 Moving Average adding extra confirmation to the potential trend reversal.

Civic – Ready, Steady… Go!?!
Civic definitely found the support around $0.26 area where it has bounced off for at least four times now. The last bounce has been on the 17th of November, after which price broke above the descending channel and 200 Moving Average.

EOS At The Resistance, But With 75% Upside Potential
Based on our previous idea, EOS went higher and broke above both upside targets. However, EOS/USD found the resistance at 227.2% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave after the breakout of the descending channel.

Aeon Consolidation Mode
As per our previous idea, Aeon gone up and rejected the resistance at 227.2% Fibonacci, that is $3.15. The target was reached by the price spike, rather than steady growth, and then immediately went down to $2.5 area, where it is currently trading.

Ethereum Magic Number $555
Although it seems Ethereum is going through the wide range trading, the sings of the long-term uptrend continuation are starting to appear. After multiple bounces off the support at $280 area, the price started to move higher and broke above the 200 Moving Average as well as the previous high, made on 16th of October.

OmiseGo Plans To Rise After Trendline Breakout
OmiseGo showing some strength during the past week. It has managed to break above the downtrend trendline and on a corrective wave down it rejected it. Same happened with the RSI Oscillator breaking the trendline and then rejecting it.
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