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Cryptocurrency Trade Ideas and Latest News
Clams Facing Massive Support

Today CLAMS has reached 11 months low, hitting $2.27 level. This is the key support level for CLAM/USD, that has been rejected for at least 4 consecutive times during the past year. During that year price has moved in cycles, producing up and down waves.

If this cycle will continue the next wave could be starting shortly and confirmation of that could be the break above the descending channel.

At this stage price could either start to consolidate, move slightly lower, potentially to test $2 psychological support, or start a sharp rise. But it is certainly an interesting timing for CLAMS, and if support are will hold and price will stay above the $2, price might go up towards the previous support level at $13 area.


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Qwark Trend Reversal

Qwark has lost over 70% to the USD since the beginning of the May. Price has declined from $0.15, down to $0.04 where it finally seem to have found the support.

The support is confirmed by two descending channels, while QWARK/USD rejected both of them at the same time, bouncing off the lower trend-lines.

From this point onward, looks like Qwark could be starting to move higher, and either produce a corrective wave down or even completely reverse the trend. Price could reach the upper trendline of the descending channel or go higher towards $0.16 or $0.18 resistance areas.

At the same time, daily break and close below the $0.04 support should invalidate bullish outlook where the downtrend will continue.

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Basic Attention Token VS Bitcoin Breaking Above

On the 13th of June, Basic Attention Token has found the bottom, hitting 2984 satoshis. At the same time it has rejected cleanly the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level and price started to rise.

Today BAT/BTC broke above the downtrend trendline which could be another indication of the change in trend. Now BAT is likely to start moving high, with the possible prior consolidation. But there is high probability that it will reach the nearest resistance at 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level that is 4717 satoshis, which corresponds with the previous uptrend trendline.

While the consolidation is possible, price could get back to 3k satoshis area to form a double bottom but only a daily break and close below that support level would put more uncertainty in further price development.


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DigiByte Key Support/Resistance

On the 6th of November, DigiByte did hit the low at $0.022, where it rejected the 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. Since then price price went down again, producing spikes below the previous low. However no clear break and close below has been established by DGB.

The interesting fact is that DGB/USD is once again tested this level yesterday, and it has been rejected cleanly. Nevertheless, there is also a resistance established at $0.032, where the downtrend trendline has been rejected.

If the support will hold and price will break and close above the $0.038, the change in trend could take place, where DigiGyte could produce a new all-time high. The very strong resistance is seen at $0.185 area, confirmed by the two Fibonacci retracement levels.

On the downside, it seem that break and close below $0.016 could invalidate the potential reversal and the downside pressure would become much more obvious.


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Wings DAO Hitting Support Area

Fibonacci applied to the last two corrective waves up shows that currently Wings DAO has entered the support area between to 127.2% retracement levels. this is the area between $0.23 and $0.26. At the same time WING/USD has reached the area between two downtrend trend-lines, but currently trading above them.

This is a strong support area for Wings DAO which, if rejected, could be turning point for the trend. WINGS could start reversing to the upside and potentially reaching the previous key resistance, the psychological level at $1.

However, the downside risk remains, and price could reach the psychological support level at $0.2 before and if trend reverses. Therefore it could be better to wait for the uptrend confirmation, that could be the break above the downtrend trendline.


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Request Network VS Bitcoin Upside Target

Request Network Token has found the support at 1300 satoshis. The support is confirmed by the 527.2% Fibonacci retracement level applied to the corrective wave after the uptrend trendline breakout.

The support was rejected cleanly followed by the strong growth resulted in the break above the downtrend trendline. But REQ/BTC failed to break above the 50 Moving Average, that currently acting as the resistance.

Currently REQ might start to consolidate between 1300 support and 1700 satoshis resistance and it is important to watch for the break above the resistance in order to expect further growth. When/if that occurred, price is likely to move up, towards the 50% Fibonacci retracement at 2350 satoshis. At the same time break and close below the support could result in a continuation of the downtrend.


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Bread Coin Moving Higher

Bread coin has found the bottom at $0.4, where it has rejected the uptrend trendline cleanly. This could be the continuation of the long term uptrend, but for this at least one more confirmation is required.

BRD/USD is currently trading at 50 Moving Average, which could act as a resistance. But when price will close above it, BRD is very likely to continue moving higher. The nearest upside target is at 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level, that is $0.6. This resistance corresponds to the 2/1 Gann Fan trendline as well as previous levels of support and resistance.

If Bread coin will break above that resistance, it could trigger stronger moves upwards and potentially might result in price producing a new all-time high. On the other hand, break below the $0.4 support would invalidate bullish outlook and could send price lower.


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