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Cryptotab extension/browser Mines Monero and pays you in bitcoin
Join the crypto revolution! install Cryptotab extension in your Chrome or Firefox Browser here:

they have also built a Cryptotab browser identical to Chrome and will mine even faster . it will not slow your PC/Mac, does not contain virsuses , it is legit and they pay. today i withdrew 41.000 satoshi. it works on a 10 level referral program and you get a commission for every level., 15 % of the referral mining profits at first level, 10 % at second level and so on.your referrals will get 100% of their profits and so will you but on top you will get a commission of their earnings: if you build a nice referral list you can make serious money with this.

check this youtube channel and see the tutorial videos to even build more referrals and it works:
Now they have their own cryptotab browser and works like chrome and it is fast!. My link above is still valid , subscribe there, thanks!
Some guy must have clicked on my link here or in another website where i posted and he s making me big referrals now making this very interesting . I had my referrals stuck at 570 for a few weeks and now it is growing very fast. In level  2 i have 400 more (975 total as i write Wow). He s doing a good job. Pretty sure he s following the instructions from the youtube video link i shared above (and below)

subscribe here:

tutorial link to get many referrals (one of the many ways):

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