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DeepOnion Running Airdrop $2 value
I think the word airdrop should do it. But if it's not enough to catch your interest, maybe 2 airdrops will? And great features and active devs and fast growing community and almost forgot, the price has risen too. Join the community and savor the onions before it's too late.
Hi there, I just want to add my two cents...
In my opinion, DeepOnion is great because it is anonymous, running on the TOR network. Privacy is very important these days.
It also offers the DeepVault feature, which allows to store documents securely. The community behind it is also very friendly and active, and I enjoy being part of it. Its value is growing fast, so I recommend everyone to join.
Onion is a coin that is gaining popularity, it is already spoken about in many forums. I think that this tells us a lot, it's a crypto currency with great potential, it's that project where you need to invest. The price of a coin stably rises, there is an opportunity  get a profit.

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