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During presale or before?
Hi everyone, I am new here as you might already notice. I usually spy around on the threads to read and hear about people views. But finally, I had a question that I was unable to get an answer anywhere here. So, I finally joined in for it. My question is very straight forward. When do you guys take interest in any project or do the required research about it? 

Is it when the presale starts or before that? I am asking this because, I am currently joined on Telegram channel of this upcoming ICO Caviar, and I found it seriously good. But, they are still some 20-25 days from presale, so do you always do join any ICO so much prior? 

I like to hear your views on my question…..
I am sure no one got any certain mind, at least not me. As it is just when we get to know about it. I just want to make investment where there is safety and growth, as that is where it is possible to get best rewards. I go completely on with Sphere, it is magnificent offering. And, are rated amongst the most awaited ICOs of 2017. With the theme that they have is going to make jaw drop, as it’s based on decentralizing the social network
I am currently joined on Telegram channel of this upcoming ICO Caviar

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