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E-dinar coin
Dear members of the E-Dinar community!
We are glad to announce that a unique ecological decentralized cryptocurrency E-Dinar Coin or EDC has been launched today to provide each person with the currency and unite all countries into one decentralized system.
According to the analysts, the expected value of EDC within the first days of trading will amount to over US$ 1000 per 1 unit. The final number of units will amount to 999 trillion that will be the largest mining in the history of the cryptocurrencies!
EDC key benefits that make the cryptocurrency unique:
Progressive blockchain technology that operates on the special DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithm;
The developers of the cryptocurrency used the seven-level referral program when developing the product that makes EDC have no analogues in the world. Moreover, the program has shown the effective results of using it on E-Dinar p2p platform;
Daily mining bonuses in your wallet in the amount up to 0.65%;
Premining of the total number of coins amounts to US$ 2.5 billion;
The minimum fee for transfers between wallets is 0.1 EDC;
Block Time: ~ 5 seconds.
Thus, E-Dinar Coin is an international payment unit and is ready to replace the mechanism of fiat money throughout the financial system!
The launch of the EDC cryptocurrency was announced on the most popular media sources of China, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan!
Registration :wallet.e-dinarcoin.com?r=mielec7973

Android Wallet:


Windows Wallet:


OS X Wallet:

Wallet for Linux:


Blockchain Wallet:

E-dinar Coin, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Nov 2016.

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