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(Nov 27 2016, 06:32 PM)sunnycb Wrote: Guys check out the Terms & Conditions of clearly states that use of Adfocus or other links is violation of terms and it would lead to suspension of your account...

Is anybody STILL getting paid??

Hi, we are not here, to earn form Hitleap, we are supposed to earn from Adfocus, so pls pay attention to the work, or else let others work.

phillvinz, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Oct 2016.

My dear Blackhats, pay your attention here, and take advantage of this passive income. is a large Business, these kind of tricks wont last long. so take the advantage and use it for now.

In 10-15 days, I have not spent any time behind this system, and i have earned a decent amount without investing money or time to this, I did not make tons of money, but spending hours behind gaining satoshis from faucets, I have made atleast 10X in comparison to that. I'll surely post the Payment from Adfocus as soon as i receive it. They pay monthly, and amount bigger than 10USD. So I shall receive it next month only.

So those who have joined this, or those who havent joined yet, Join soon and try buying the 10000 minutes = 60000 Hits (1000 Hits = 6 USD) for 9 $ from Hitleaps , and set it at fully automatic mode, and rest you ll keep doing it automatically. It is good, just try it once and do not loose your patience on it.

Happy Earnings to all.

phillvinz, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Oct 2016.

(Nov 24 2016, 06:22 PM)phillvinz Wrote: Register at

Once registered go to EARN TRAFFIC

Download the program, and run the traffic exchange, you will gain "minutes" in which you will be able to spend on people viewing your links
Keep the program on earning minutes

Tip: Every time you use your computer leave the program on so you basically earn minutes while you spend them. It uses very less memory space and zero on CPU.

Then sign up at and shrink ANY LINK.

Then go to and add your shrunken link.

This will send traffic to that link and you will make money!

*OPTIONAL* Tip for experienced users: You can buy hits for fast unique viewers without the program! For example $ 9 gets you 10000 minutes which is 60000 hits. If you get paid with each unique visitor, you will get upto $ 60 out of the 60000 hits. Its $ 6 for 1000 Hits. please view the rate chart. Rates differ for Different countries.

Also you can buy more website slots for pretty cheap and the more websites you use on the site the more money you make.

If this helped you at all be sure to give this thread a like.

Be patient enough and do not loose hopes quickly. The Progress would be slow in the start, but as days pass by, it ll start giving great results.

Good luck and have fun!
you can download the bot 100% working and the password

Before Reading this Read the First post in this thread

Please use the following settings in Hitleap for Better function and Earnings.

1) Become a Premium Member by paying 8 USD. 5000 Min's + 15 Web Urls Placement.

2) Buy 10000 Mins for 9 USD.

3) Visit Duration for each Website 15-20 Sec's (Very Necessary)

I did this, and am monitoring it since 36 Hours, I already made 15 USD Approx for the 36 hour

phillvinz, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Oct 2016.

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