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EZ.TODAY - simple bitcoin game, win bitcoins today!
[align=center][b]Hello dear friend![\/b]\r\nI know, you want to earn money and try your luck. We make great game for this. You can go step by step to earn more and more money. For every step (button) you can increase your bet more times.\r\n\r\n[b]How it Work?[\/b]\r\nTo play in real Bitcoins , please sign in. You can sing in with one-click from your Facebook or Vkontakte account. After sign in, you can deposit minimum 0.001 bitcoin. We have 3 level game. Each level have different prizes. Hard level is give more prize, but it's hard to play. To starting playing please select level and click \Play\ button. After, you can choose one of the button from your step. If you push the correct button, you can either pick up the money or go even higher. In easy mode you have 3 buttons for each level. 2 buttons have prize and 1 button is lose. You want to push one of the 2 correct buttons. In medium mode you have two buttons for each level. One of the button is lose, and second button contain the prize. And in the hard mode you now have 3 buttons, but 2 buttons is lose, and 1 button contain the prize.\r\n\r\nLet's back to modes. In easy mode your chance for each level is ~66%, because level have 3 buttons, and 2 buttons contain prizes. In hard mode you have ~33% of chance, because only one button from three have a prize. We recommend start playing from easy mode. Grocer up your skills, and after play the hard or medium mode. This is good way to win more.\r\n\r\n[b]What is DEMO game?[\/b]\r\nDEMO is great way to test our game without deposit. Play as much as you want, make sure your luck after starting playing in real money. Remember to try the demo, it's FREE.\r\n\r\n[b]How Affiliate Programs Work?[\/b]\r\nIt's great way to earn more money. Give your referral URL to your friends and earn from 3% to 5% for each deposits. You can level up playing on our website.\r\n\r\n[b]I want more bonuses![\/b]\r\nWe have daily bonus for each user. Every day we give [color=red]20 FREE [\/color]bits for all users.\r\n\r\n[b]Fair Gaming[\/b]\r\nEZ buttons are created before you click the selected button on step. We have no way of knowing what variables you may change and cannot rig the buttons. A sha-256 hash of the buttons is provided before you pushing the button so you can verify that the roll was not altered in any way afterwards. It is statistically impossible to recreate a sha-256 hash without the initial inputs at the current time so we cannot just send you any sha-256 hash.\r\n\r\nHere is simple code to get know how it work:\r\n[b][color=green]HASH = SHA256(SHA256(client seed \-\ server seed))[\/color][\/b]\r\n\r\n[size=xx-large][url=][color=red][b]PLAY NOW[\/b][\/color][\/url][\/size]\r\n[\/align]
Thank you so much for such a detailed answer! I truly appreciate your encouraging knowledge and work,Thank you one more time!

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