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[FREE]Autoclaim micro-earnings bots[No solving service needed!]
ok, tx but what need to write on "api from solving site"? Because a cant run capmonster without it
(May 18 2018, 06:11 PM)Eletts Wrote: ok, tx but what need to write on "api from solving site"? Because a cant run capmonster without it

The Apikey is for those who use another solving service for example 2Captcha. The website has an Apikey for solving service. If you're using Capmonster you can keep that blanc.
Tx a lot, and for the fast reply??, now ita working! Capmonster its soo good
I restarted and asks for login and password

...because?why now do you ask?
gelmo74, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.

Should normally login automatically with the "beta" account.
I've just made an update aswell, could you check if it works again?
Updated version please relaunch and let it update;

Addressed some minor issues
Implented luckybitcoin
Added 8 more faucets with provably fair rolls. Hope you get the lucky numbers.
Bumping up my post, been down two pages. If you've got any questions, please let me know.
Need a bot for another website? Please PM me and i'll create it for you.

Kind regards and have a nice day.
Added a download for a bot. Make sure to sign up as my REF and pm me your username. I'll add it to the list so you can get access.
Added the names to the lists. Enjoy the free "easy claims". Smile
Goodmorning folks. Got a site you'll need a bot for? Let me know. If the site is do-able i'll make it for ya.

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