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Faucet Collector ( Version 2.2.1 - January 30, 2019 )
[Image: image.png]

Get Faucet Collector here : LINK


Version 2.2.1 - January 30, 2019

Captcha: Improved FCCS in combination with SolveMedia.
Captcha: Manual reCAPTCHA timeout increased to 4 minutes.
General: By default filter scam/offline user faucets.
General: Fixed crash in user faucets list.

New scripts since version 2.2.0:,,,,

Version 2.2.0 - January 18, 2019

Captcha: Faucet Collector Captcha Solutions.
General: Lots of bugfixes and improvements

New scripts since version 2.1.0: 
CliqueBook, UniClique, DiscordTip, AtiBux, MyProfiLand, Twickerz, OptimalBux,
BitTube, AngelClix, CroClix, ClixBlue, MrFaucet, SathosiLabs, EarnMoneyTalk,
Free-BCash, CoinOpen, ForumCoin BLK, ForumCoin XMR, SunBtc, GetYourBitcoin,
TimeForBitcoin, Chronox, WorldOfBitcoin, WeatherX, AutoFaucet, Kotibablo, 
FamilyBtc, WebGate, HotFlashHits, DigibyteFaucet, ZecFaucet, XMRFaucet, 
Contract-Miner, Bitcoin-Faucet, DogeForFree, IBits

Version 2.1.0 - November 24, 2018

General: Added option to share code between scripts.
General: Dynamic system faucets for new installations.
General: Fixed insecure SolveMedia issue.
General: Entering 0 as pause schedule is now supported.
General: Share script statistics for better support.
General: Added option to auto update scripts.
Captcha: Added support for GSA Captcha Breaker.
Captcha: Support for using CapMonster with a protection key.
Captcha: Updated 2captcha discount urls list.

New scripts since version 2.0.21:, Rotate4All, TimeBucks, All, Bitsler, GPTPlanet, 
Adv-Clicks, AtiClix, Difbux, DifBtc, GetFree DGB

Version 2.0.21 - October 23, 2018

General: Added option to overrule the captcha solve mode per script.
General: Improved method to terminate Chrome processes that are left running.
General: was overwritten with an old version during setup.
Captcha: XEvil wasn't working anymore for some customers.
New scripts since version 2.0.20: 
Dogeworker, BtcDrizzle,, LegitBtc, Allcoins RDD, GoldenFaucet

Version 2.0.20 - October 20, 2018

Captcha: Manual reCATPCHA window showed website instead of the captcha.
Notifications: Added Pushover.
Notifications: Removed discontinued Notify My Android.
General: Improved bot detection prevention.
General: Show the version number of the script.
General: Wait a little longer before force shutdown the browser.
General: Updated chromedriver to the latest version.
New scripts since version 2.0.19: 
Bitnyx, Cointiply Multiply Game, Ojooo Traffic, Ojooo PTC,

Version 2.0.19 - October 9, 2018
General: Sometimes the bot closed directly after startup.
General: Claim timing slider automatically adjusts scale.
General: Added option to imput claim timings manually.
General: Added option to remove scripts that are marked scam/offline.
General: If your license got an end date it will how many days are left.
Captcha: Improved support for XEvil 4.
New scripts since version 2.0.18: 
TrafficSwarm, JustGoodTraffic, NorClix, alternative, Bitpot,
NeoBux,, CrazyTron, CrazyDoge, CrazyLite, CrazyBitcoin,
BitcoHitz, ScarletClicks

Version 2.0.18 - October 3, 2018
General: Added check for updated scripts on startup.
General: Added Discord invite link to the bot.
General: Rewritten some parts of the bot to improve speed.
New scripts since version 2.0.17:, BitcoFaucet, HDClix, PurseFaucet, DailyFreeBits, ClixBox,, Tezzers Surf, BitcoBear, CannonBux

Version 2.0.17 - September 25, 2018
General: Added support for proxy servers that require authentication.
General: Scripts that are stuck for more than 15 minutes are killed.
General: Sometimes the settings where unable to load causing the script to fail.
General: Added new method to prevent bot detection.

Version 2.0.16 - September 15, 2018
General: Auto clean Chrome profile folder when its corrupted.
General: System faucets can also be updated with the "update all" button.
General: Double click on the user faucets scrollbar did open browser.
General: Screenshot methods available in scripts.
General: Updated chromedriver to the latest version.

Version 2.0.14 - September 3, 2018
General: Log files are rotated in case they are too large.
General: In some cases long running action failures weren't handled correctly.
General: Increased page load timeouts with 30 seconds.
Bitcoinker: The cookie popup is now correctly closed.

Version 2.0.13 - August 4, 2018
General: Added "update all" button to update all the scripts.
General: Support for downloading files when running a script.
General: Auto loading AdBlocker extension on many scripts.
General: Sometimes stopping didn't close the scripts.
General: Updated chromedriver to the latest version.
General: Headless mode now skips loading extensions.

Version 2.0.12 - July 19, 2018
General: Improved closing of browsers.
General: Fixed a deadlock (hang) issue.
Captcha: Manual mode displays small captchas correctly.
Captcha: Tesseract OCR now available in scripts.
Freebitcoin: Added the no captcha feature.

Version 2.0.11 - July 2, 2018
General: Sometimes Faucet Collector failed to start.
General: Fixed a bug in the popup detection.
General: Hiddens browsers where visible on 4K monitor.
General: Improved scripts update detection.
Captcha: Manual reCAPTCHA didn't work on a few faucets.
Captcha: Improved invalid Captcha detection.
Captcha: New OCR option now available in scripts.

Version 2.0.10 - June 21, 2018
General: Improved manual reCAPTCHA solving, using faster method.
General: Added option to mute sounds.
General: Improved browser popup closing.
General: Improved detection of Google Chrome installation folder.
CapMonster: Shows the results in the log.
Freebitcoin: Added 25 reward points option.

Version 2.0.9 - May 26, 2018
General: Added filter option for the faucet list.
General: Added option to hide disabled faucets.
Freebitcoin: Switch to reCAPTCHA is working again.

Version - May 25, 2018
General: Fixed a bug with the pause not ending.

Version 2.0.8 - May 24, 2018
General: Added new option to schedule pause timings.
General: Show update button when user script has a new version.
General: User faucets can be filtered and now includes the date.
General: Do three attempts when an ad replaces the faucet website.
General: Removed FaucetGame and CoinMine.
Freebitcoin: Updated script to support double captcha.
2Captcha: Updated discount urls list.

Version 2.0.7 - May 2, 2018
General: Auto increase bottom bar when there are lots of claims.
General: Sometimes Chrome failed to start when multiple instances started.
General: Added option to use Headless browser (experimental).
2Captcha: CAPTCHAs larger than 100kb will be reduced using lower quality.

Version 2.0.6 - April 26, 2018
General: Added option to enter a proxy per faucet.
General: Added button to duplicate faucet script.
General: Saving and loading large cookies work now.
CoinFaucet: Made the script work again on the new website.

Version 2.0.5 - April 23, 2018
General: When the bot is minimized the Manual solve windows are shown.
General: Cookies are cleared when you change the login settings.
General: Small bugfixes and Faucet Collector website is now https only.

Version 2.0.4 - April 14, 2018
MoonCash: Changed url to the new website.
2Captcha: Added support for discounted reCAPTCHA rate. ($1 for 1000 solves)
CapMonster: Added support for sending Audio on SolveMedia CAPTCHAs.
Extensions: They are now loaded from the correct folder.
General: Sometimes typing the answer for SolveMedia didn't work.
General: Added option to keep the Chrome profile data.

Version 2.0.3 - April 10, 2018
User Scripts: Added new tab to show and add user submitted scripts.
Bonusbitcoin: Improved closing popups that prevented claiming.

Version 2.0.2 - April 5, 2018
FaucetGame: Popup is now detected and added keep alive script.

Version 2.0.1 - March 31, 2018
First public release of version 2.0.
The biggest new feature is that all available faucet websites are now using Faucet Script.
You can now load your own faucet websites into the bot.
There is also a new section on the website where users can download and upload Faucet Scripts.
I am offering $5 for each submitted script that gets listed.
Version 2.0 also has a cleaner UI and contains many bugfixes.

Version 2.0 beta 2 - March 13, 2018
Some bug fixes and improvements based on comments and issues reported.
You need to manually download this update using the same download link as before.

Version 2.0 beta - March 10, 2018
Faucet Collector 2.0 beta release now available for testing (at first: invite only).
Version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the bot.
The biggest new feature is added support for loading custom faucet scripts.
Documentation on how to write your own scripts will become available soon.
There will also be a script download section available on the website soon.

Version 1.0.52 - February 2, 2018
FaucetGame: Added support for the new anti bot popup.

Version 1.0.51 - January 27, 2018
GetFreeLTC: Added support for the coinhive proof of work.

Version 1.0.50 - January 19, 2018
Moon faucets: Added mooncash (bch) faucet.

Version 1.0.49 - January 12, 2018
Freebitcoin: Added auto redeem rewards option.
Freedogecoin: Added option to switch between reCAPTCHA and SolveMedia.

Version 1.0.48 - January 11, 2018
FaucetGame: Added option to switch between reCAPTCHA and SolveMedia.
Moon faucets: Added option to switch between reCAPTCHA and SolveMedia.
General: Small bugfixes and updated chromedriver.

Version 1.0.47 - December 29, 2017
FaucetHub: Added FreeBitcoin.Win BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE faucets
Captcha: Added support for 9kw reCAPTCHA solving.

Version - December 24, 2017
Captcha: 9kw is working again.

Version 1.0.46 - December 23, 2017
WavesDrop: Added WavesDrop faucet.
Captcha: Added support for solving with XEvil.
Captcha: Added support for solving with CapMonster.
FaucetGame: Fixed an error after antibot was solved.

Version 1.0.45 - December 14, 2017
FreeRipple/CoinFaucet: The captcha on the spin page is now also supported.
General: On low resolution Windows the Go button is visible again.
Updates: The Update button is visible again on lower resolution Windows.
If you don't see the Update button you can get the update here:

Version 1.0.44 - December 12, 2017
FreeRipple/CoinFaucet: The login is working again.
FaucetHub ETH: bitcoinclub, btcleets, cryptocet are working properly now.

Version 1.0.43 - December 9, 2017
General: Added support for using a proxy server.
General: New command line parameter "/autostart" to auto click the GO button on startup.

Version 1.0.42 - December 5, 2017
FaucetGame: Turbofaucet now uses solvemedia to claim free credits.
GetFreeBCH: Added support for the extra antibot image.
FreeRipple/CoinFaucet: Improved popup and close browser handling.
SolveMedia: Some captcha images were wrongly marked as empty.

Version 1.0.41 - November 30, 2017
FaucetPig: Added FaucetPig faucet.

Version 1.0.40 - November 28, 2017
General: Added auto withdraw option for btcforclicks, bitsilver, bituniverse, bitlucky, bitgolden and huefaucet.
Note: this option can be enabled on the General tab, but don't set it too fast otherwise it might trigger FaucetHub its fraud detection.

Version 1.0.39 - November 25, 2017
FaucetGame: Sometimes the image captcha wasn't clearly visible.
FreeRipple/CoinFaucet: Works again, even with the massive amount of popups.
SolveMedia: Added check to see if the image captcha is fully loaded or not.
General: Loading the wait time settings didn't always work when not using random mode.

Version - November 20, 2017
FaucetGame: Added support for solving the captcha on the login page.

Version 1.0.38 - November 20, 2017
Moon faucets: Added moondash faucet.
FaucetHub: Added BTC faucet: huefaucet.
FaucetHub: Added ETH faucets: bitcoinclub, btcleets, cryptocet.
FaucetGame: The Antibot check is now also solved.
SolveMedia: Better support for clicking the play button.
General: Sometimes the popups didn't close because of browser alerts.
General: Added option to exclude faucets from hiding the browser.

Version 1.0.37 - November 9, 2017
FaucetHub: Added CoinMine BTC, BCH and DOGE faucets.
Bitfun: reCAPTCHA solving works again.

Version - November 7, 2017
FreeRipple: Claiming on FreeRipple ( works again.

Version 1.0.36 - November 7, 2017
Manual: Improvements in showing the manual solve popups.
General: Pause All checkbox now stays visible.
General: The number of claims status text is now multiline.
General: A few minor improvements.

Version 1.0.35 - October 31, 2017
FreeRipple: Added FreeRipple faucet.
General: A few minor bugfixes.

Version 1.0.34 - October 29, 2017
GetFreeLTC: Works again with the updated website.
Manual: Now showing all popups instead of using a queue.
FaucetGame: Reload page on win option works again (Dice only).
General: Sometimes the bot started more browsers than the thread limit allowed.

Version 1.0.33 - October 28, 2017
Manual: Bugfixes to improve manual solving.
FaucetGame: Sometimes a facebook page was loaded and the bot didn't continue.
Raiblocks: Disabled faucet.

Version 1.0.32 - October 20, 2017
Bitcoinker: Added bitcoinker faucet.
BonusBitcoin: Added option to claim the average amount instead of getting random payout.
9kw: Large captcha images are now resized so they are accepted on 9kw.
9kw: Marking the captcha result valid/invalid works in more situations.

Version 1.0.31 - October 18, 2017
Bitfun: Added bitfun faucet.
FaucetGame: Sometimes it failed to initialize a new game.
General: Sometimes the Manual mode couldn't get a screenshot.
General: Added option to load Chrome extensions:
Put the .crx files in the extension subfolder (by default: c:\program files (x86)\faucetcollector\extensions\)
Or put them in extensions\[faucet name] to load the extensions only for that faucet. 

Version 1.0.30 - October 14, 2017
FaucetGame: Added plinko and improved selecting what games to start.
Moon faucets: Sometimes the wait timer still didn't work.
General: Manual mode popup sometimes didn't show anymore.
General: Added option to limit the number of threads (browsers).
General: Added option to hide the browsers.
General: Editing the settings doesn't delay the bot anymore.

Version 1.0.29 - October 11, 2017
Captcha: Added manual mode for Image and reCAPTCHA solving.
Moon faucets: Wait timers are now correctly using the wait settings.
RaiBlocks: Sending audio to 9kw works again.

Version 1.0.28 - October 3, 2017
FreeDogecoin: Added support for
General: Wait timers are now correctly using the wait settings.

Version 1.0.27 - October 2, 2017
FaucetGame: Added option to randomly change HiLo on dice
FaucetGame: Added option to reload page on win.
FaucetGame: Sound disabled by default and you are now able to chat.
FreeBitcoin: Added support for reCAPTCHA solving.

Version 1.0.26 - September 30, 2017
FaucetGame: Added support for FaucetGame (faucet, slots, wheel and dice).
FreeBitcoin: Pausing for more than an hour works again.
FreeBitcoin: Shows payouts again when there is no captcha.
General: Added option to automatically pause the bot after a while.

Version 1.0.25 - September 14, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added option to remove noise from the audio captcha.
Please note: It still not optimal. I am working on a better solution

Version 1.0.24 - September 14, 2017
ImageTyperz: You can select ImageTyperz for reCAPTCHA again.

Version 1.0.23 - September 12, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added support for the audio Captchas using 9kw.
Please note: 2captcha currently doesn't support the Audio Captchas from RaiBlocks,
9kw does but sometimes it takes a while before you get a result.

Version 1.0.22 - September 10, 2017
FaucetHub: Added GetFreeCoin Bitcoin Cash faucet.
RaiBlocks: No more page reload after an unsolvable error from 2captcha.
General: Bitlucky is working again, SolveMedia is now selected as default captcha.
General: Added option to close the browser if wait time is more than X minutes.
General: Added startup option to wait X seconds before starting the next faucet.

Version 1.0.21 - September 9, 2017
RaiBlocks: Updated the valid characters list.
RaiBlocks: Added new option to check for valid captcha length.
FaucetHub: Bitcoin sites now show payout log again.

Version 1.0.20 - September 5, 2017
RaiBlocks: Improved speed.
RaiBlocks: Protection against sending the same captcha image twice.
FaucetHub: Added PentaFaucet LTC
Waves: Added WavesGo Faucet
General: Updated ChromeDriver

Version 1.0.19 - August 31, 2017
RaiBlocks: When under high load it will wait for the new captcha.
RaiBlocks: Changed the valid characters to numeric.

Version - August 29, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added some prevention for a reload loop.

Version 1.0.18 - August 28, 2017
FaucetHub: Added 1 new Litecoin faucet that use solvemedia.

Version 1.0.17 - August 27, 2017
FaucetHub: Added 5 new Bitcoin faucets that use solvemedia.

Version 1.0.16 - August 25, 2017
Bonusbitcoin: Added option to select solvemedia.
Bonusbitcoin: ReCaptcha now also works with ImageTyperz.
General: Windows zoom detection improved for image captchas.

Version 1.0.15 - August 18, 2017
Moon faucets: Added support to login via account.
Raiblocks: Improved initial startup to have less errors.
General: In rare conditions 2Captcha could stop running.
General: Updated chromedriver to the latest version.

Version 1.0.14 - August 17, 2017
General: Image captchas now also work when windows is zoomed.
General: Its not required to have a 2captcha api key anymore.
Raiblocks: Even when Chrome opens the Settings tab it will still work.

Version 1.0.13 - August 8, 2017
Raiblocks: Works again. Clicking the cookie banner was now required.
Raiblocks: Donate checkbox will also be set on small resolution screens.

Version 1.0.12 - August 7, 2017
Added support for service to resolve Captchas. Added support for the custom image captcha.

Version 1.0.11 - August 4, 2017 Added support for this faucet.
Autofaucet: Removed this faucet because they don't pay.

Version 1.0.10 - August 3, 2017
Raiblocks: Image captchas are working again with 2captcha.

Version 1.0.9 - August 2, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added check for valid characters to decrease the -1 claims.
RaiBlocks: Improved faucet message response check.
Raiblocks: ImageTyperz captcha resolve service can now be used (faster than 2captcha).

Version 1.0.8 - July 24, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added support for resolving the reCAPTCHA before the Image CAPTCHA is shown.

Version 1.0.7 - July 15, 2017
BonusBitcoin: It now recognizes if the payout is successful or not.
RaiBlocks: Wait a little longer for the response message if successful or not.

Version 1.0.6 - July 14, 2017
RaiBlocks: Added support for the custom text captchas
BonusBitcoin: New faucet added. Login should now work correctly.

Version 1.0.5 - July 8, 2017
RaiBlocks switched to SolveMedia, Faucet Collector is now able to solve these captchas.
Currently it will only do one concurrent resolve at a time and only with 2Captcha
Will add support for ImageTyperz and concurrent resolving later

Version 1.0.4 - July 4, 2017
Improved the login process.
The RaiBlocks claim modes are removed, just like on the faucet.
Added the option to donate +0.1 claim to devs.

Version 1.0.3 - June 29, 2017
Added the option to use ImageTyperz for CAPTCHA solving.
Some minor bugfixes and improvements.
Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.5 due to a crash on 4.0

Version 1.0.2 - June 24, 2017
Fixed a bug that crashed Faucet Collector during startup.

Version 1.0.1 - June 23, 2017
Added new claim modes for Raiblocks faucet.
Fixed a bug not reloading the page when in maintenance.
Added the yearly plan of $9.99.

Version 1.0.0 - June 20, 2017
Initial Release to public.
paid and now I'm waiting ... Transaction ... thx                    
t6maro, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2017.
works ! But! RaiB. not work .. why?(((
Huh Huh Huh
t6maro, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2017.
(Sep 24 2017, 10:51 AM)t6maro Wrote: works ! But! RaiB. not work .. why?(((
Huh Huh Huh

Rai will Works soon. 9kw just sucks in solving AUDIO captcha...Its not the problem with BOT..

It will soon be resolved. Also 9Captcha Doesnt support Rai Audiocaptcha.. 

Do post a Review on how everything else works .. thanks Smile
Thumbs Up 
The bot is very good and works. I have my star
  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
angelusce79, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.
all works, just Rai doesn't work now(              
t6maro, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2017.
Thumbs Down 
the following faucets do not work:

- bitsilver
- btcforclicks
- bituniverse
- bitlucky
- bitgolden


Signin button not found

angelusce79, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.
(Sep 25 2017, 11:48 AM)angelusce79 Wrote: the following faucets do not work:

- bitsilver
- btcforclicks
- bituniverse
- bitlucky
- bitgolden


Signin button not found


Before posting something check the website.

Did you check the website? 
Currently the Claim button has been Disabled by the Faucet Owners.

They do that with these 5 websites everytime they lag in payment and Renable when they are ready to pay!

Just yesterday you posted saying all works, so you think the Bot changed itself in a day?

Its not the BOT , its problem with Faucet!!! CHECK ITSmile

Thumbs Up 
litecoins works better, add more faucets than litecoins, yesterday made 10,000 litoshis Big Grin
angelusce79, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.
(Sep 25 2017, 02:30 PM)angelusce79 Wrote: litecoins works better, add more faucets than litecoins, yesterday made 10,000 litoshis Big Grin

Very happy to hear that Smile

But please do read the IMP TIP i have given in my first post! Else you will be banned by the Faucet and Even FaucetHUB account will be in trouble.
I'm sure you read the tip Wink

So congrats Smile
Constantly, dogecoin does not claim self? Angel Angel Angel
angelusce79, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.
I already purchased the faucet collector. And for captcha service do I have to pay for it too?
[quote='chaserdream11' pid='17656' dateline='1506204417']\r\n[b][size=large]Faucet Collector[\/size][\/b] is a Bot which has many Faucets Along with RAIBLOCK , WAVE.\r\n\r\nAfter talking with the creator i can assure you that he soon will be adding many more Faucets and will also be including soon.\u00a0\r\n\r\n[b][size=large]BOT Features :\u00a0[\/size][\/b]\r\n\r\n
  • [b]Faucets[\/b]\u00a0[url=][color=#337ab7]Moonbitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=13fb14fab0e4][color=#337ab7]Moonlitecoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=2423a82a5e34][color=#337ab7]Moondogecoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?ref=7E837DE9B459][color=#337ab7]Bonusbitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/?r=6229523][color=#337ab7]Freebitcoin[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/][color=#337ab7]RaiBlocks[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]BtcForClicks[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitgolden[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitsilver[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bitlucky[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=https:\/\/\/ref\/1CdiZEJBDAteVZAELjWtSuNK7ugU5vVkRf][color=#337ab7]Bituniverse[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/litecoin\/?r=LPLqpgLcweVBUeHqDSiSgT1siKNPQuu6J1][color=#337ab7]GetFreeCoin LTC[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/bcash\/?r=1F5PWX1dk6NJoQEEKDbthi2eaFAkyTCnab][color=#337ab7]GetFreeCoin BCH[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/litecoin\/?r=LPLqpgLcweVBUeHqDSiSgT1siKNPQuu6J1][color=#337ab7]PentaFaucet[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/faucet.html][color=#337ab7]Waves Go[\/color][\/url]\r\n
  • [b]More[\/b]\u00a0faucets are coming soon.\u00a0\r\n
  • [b]CAPTCHA[\/b]\u00a0SolveMedia, reCAPTCHA solving by\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/?from=2724381][color=#337ab7]2captcha[\/color][\/url],\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/][color=#337ab7]imagetyperz[\/color][\/url]\u00a0and\u00a0[color=#337ab7][url=https:\/\/\/register_156372.html][\/url]\u00a0 \u00a0[\/color]\r\n
  • [b]Notifications[\/b]\u00a0send to your phone by Prowl or Notify My Android\r\n[\/list]\r\nAlso the Creator of the BOT has promised to add Manual captcha Solving soon.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\u00a0[b][size=x-large]Here is the link to the website to get the Bot:\u00a0[url=http:\/\/\/58785]LINK[\/url][\/size][\/b]\r\n\r\nI have been using this BOT for almost a month now and i get update for 2-3 days with new faucets . But\u00a0for some unknown reason the website is not updated with new BOT images and Reviews. So i myself will provide\u00a0you with all the images of how the BOT is. You can check the Below Links, i will be taking these pics from the BOT installed in my System.\u00a0Smile\r\n\r\n[b]FAUCETS :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govjx7[\/b]\r\n\r\n\r\n[b]Wallets :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govkpe[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Captcha Service :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govl4s[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Notifications :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govlgk[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]FaucetHub :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govm6e[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]MoonFaucets :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govmal[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]RaiBlocks :\u00a0http:\/\/\/govmet[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]and more Smile\r\n\r\nIf you are not sure about how this work's you can always go for 1 month Plan which costs you 1.99 $ only.\u00a0[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]But by this post of mine , if\u00a0you are convinced\u00a0about the BOT, then you can go for Lifetime which costs you 6.99 $.\u00a0[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Good luck ! Smile[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]EDIT : [color=#ff3333]For Raiblocks, Since they have changed to Audio Captcha...only 9kw is able to solve them. But problem with 9kw is they suck at Audiocaptcha. So New CaptchaService Is being adopted for Raiblocks and soon will be updated.[\/color][\/b]\r\n\r\n[b][size=x-large]IMP TIP[\/size]\u00a0: If a faucet provides 50 Satoshi every 10 mins, dont be too greedy and keep time intrval as 10 mins. You can choose Time interval between 20-25 mins with Random marked as you can see in screenshot and use. This way the faucets will never detect Bot.[\/b]\r\n[b]Dont blame me later if the faucet detects you are using BOT and you get banned. just dont be greedy and keep small intervals.\u00a0\r\n\r\nThankyou Smile[\/b]\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\n\r\nhere bro\u00a0 this might help you\u00a0 \u00a0in your work\u00a0 Wink\u00a0\r\nhttps:\/\/\/watch?v=JL_MrN6bi8M
anonmouse, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.
[quote='neiljondc' pid='17759' dateline='1506392181']\r\nI already purchased the faucet collector. And for captcha service do I have to pay for it too?\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\n\r\nYou can earn Credits in 9kw and 2Captcha !\r\n\r\n[quote='anonmouse' pid='17762' dateline='1506399652']\r\n\r\nhere bro\u00a0 this might help you\u00a0 \u00a0in your work\u00a0 Wink\u00a0\r\n\r\n[\/quote]\r\n\r\nThankyou , will check this and pass it on Smile

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