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Hello Guys,

I'm a newbie programmer and i created a program that will find the secret seed server for your next roll, I use VB.NET to program it, here's what it looks like (see attachment)

I don't have yet results because it only producing random server seed but if we're talking about chance you can actually hit the seed server in an instant

it produces 60,000 random server seed per minute so if we count it I have 10 server seed randomizer

60,000 x 10 = 600,000 random server seed per minute

If anyone here is interested to contribute anything in my program i will appreciate it. Heart Smile

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plzz send me your programme plz link or send me the software plzz my mail [email protected]
why should i send my program to you buddy ?

if you're interested PM me in my EMAIL and we can talk about it
Send for my via PM or [email protected]

uruguay, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2017.
Updated April 20, 2018

Additional 10 more server seed randomizer, total of 20 server seed randomizer


Next Update:
--- Add Database for Server Seed and Server Seed (SHA256)

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hey buddy , i don't want to be a downer and i appreciate the enthusiasm but i doubt you can guess or decode some server seed with this in your life time, using cpu...

Have you ever tried hashcat ? tha's a really fast peace of software, and still not fast enough to crack such thing

any fun too look to hashes...
Thank you buddy for the comment,

I will prove to you that i will crack the seed server for FREEBITCO.IN

How ?

If you will look at the SECRET SEED SERVER it is compose of 64 bit of CHARACTERS

I already computed the total combination of 64 bit using hexadecimal characters and it is:

As of now i have 20 server seed randomizer and 1 randomizer produces 60,000 server seed per minute
20 x 60,000 = 1,200,000 random server seed / minute

I plan to use DATABASE to save all unique random server seed and its hash sha256 so it will save only a unique server seed and hash (redundant server seed will not be save)

How bout that buddy did i convince you now ?

That is a big number, if my math is not wrong it will take 188309 years

You Convince me now  Shy
Uhmm, okay that's quite big

But we're talking about RANDOM or CHANCE HERE just like playing in a Lotto Game you can win even with the slightest percentage (%) but in here you already have a advantage because you where saving the unmatched server seed, so maybe your next input will find a match in the database

how about i ADD more Randomizer like 50 or 100 or maybe 500-1000 to Minimize the time

Thank you buddy for your comment with this thread
Mission impossible buddy, but if you want to add something, add more computing power and figure it out how to use gpu instead cpu
Uhmm, that's a good suggestion buddy,

Maybe after i finish this program with database included Big Grin
hello friend please give me your frogram on for Server Seed Hash
(SHA-256) next roll thanks a lot.
please send me .. [email protected] ..... thanks...
im interested
Here's my version of the same concept Smile


It tests over 200.000 random strings per second trying to match these four server seeds on the image. Random strings are 64 chars long containing only hexadecimal letters (same as server seed revealed).
You cen see the result of almost 3 days uptime...

Wish you a good luck man!

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