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Members of the  team began work in the crypto currency market in 2013. As early as 2017, the cloud platform was founded.  runs datacenters in various locations in Asia and North America, managing tens of thousands of machines for bitcoins and other crypto-currency systems, equipment with 300 petachas per second.
Why do you choose provides stable capacity for mining of crypto currency, we have very competitive prices including service charges. This is an excellent choice for hashing around the world.
If you mine the crypto currency at capacity, you may have lower energy costs. In the event of power outages, will cover the loss of power by the backup centers and servers, as well as in time to replace the damaged devices. If you compare the effective income, you will find that it is much more profitable for us.  supports the principle of decentralization and uses various server centers for mining. But as soon as one particular server reaches a capacity of 50% of the power of the entire network, we switch the load to other servers.
Each contract has different terms of the contract, from 1 year to 3 years.
For each day of active mining as of 12:00 (GMT + 8) the system will automatically calculate the profit for the previous day, the profit accrued from the mining will be credited to your wallet.

Currently there are contracts for sale:
Zcash - $ 10 from 100 H / s for 2 years (with a discount of $ 9.70)
Decred - $ 10 from 50 Gh / s for 2 years (with a discount of $ 9.70)
BTC - $ 49 from 1 Th / s for 3 years (with a $ 47.53 discount)

3% discount code YO4OWW (discount price $ 33.95)
Contracts for the remaining crypto-currencies are currently sold (you can join the waiting list).
A confirmation of the purchase comes to your e-mail
Minimum withdrawal: ВТС - 0,0005 , Decred - 0,15, Zcash - 0,004

Service pays

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