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Hello I am a newcomer here! :)
Hi guys! I am just new here but I have a little knowledge about cryptos and I want to learn more. I am sure that this forum will help me improve myself and get to know more about the crypto world.

If you have any tutorials or guides for newbies who want to learn fast like me. I would highly appreciate it. Thank you so much! Smile
Hi!, just go through our guides for basic in crypto world. Others, you need the skill to survive from scammers that is experience.
It is my great pleasure Sir to received a comment from a higher official like you.

For now my greatest weapon is Google and Forums like this. And I am not only enhancing my search skills but also my observation so I could stay away from the scammers, because I know it is too advance now.

I'll make sure to read your guides here and thank you so much for giving time to a newbie like me, very much appreciated.
I have a little knowledge about cryptos and I want to learn more, plz help me!

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