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How Do I Start Mining Ethereum?
Well , even i agree that Promax 7.2 has come up to the market with a change in technology , I have already placed an order last week with Promax7 . hoping for the best .
well , do you really think its possible for just one single miner of Promax7 to give such high Mh/s ? well i will do up a reserch on them and will get back .
Hey , well even i have placed an order with Promax7 for the purchase of Promax 7.2 GPU miner , and i do think it is possible as they are using GPU cluster technology which is powered by 68 NVIDIA P102 graphic card which are the best graphic cards for mining as it assures 53 to 55 Mh/s with power consumption of 158 watts ( low frequency OC) .
It possible my dear friend . I had done an inquiry with Promax 7 and after doing a proper research only had placed an order with them .
You can start your own Mining ethereum\u00a0with EC HYIP ethereum [url=]mining script[\/url]. The script will enable you to launch your own ETH mining website instantly within few clicks. For complete information please talk live on main website.\r\n\r\n\r\nHope this will help you!
EOS catching up with Ethereum is a good opportunity for those who want to make some money. I think that EOS is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest your money in, it may grow in price a lot so you'd better have some EOS tokens in your portfolio.
Well, when it comes to mining I can hardly believe that a regular computer with average GPU can help you get significant incomes. So, it’s not that easy. Even moderately reliable cloud mining sites (listed here, for instance: ) looks more profitable than hardware mining.
I've sold all of my mining hardware so now I get cryptocurrency only from this satoshi casino. And I think that mining is nearly dead now. You have to buy really expensive hardware but these days it's impossible to earn as much as before with mining.
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