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How Do I Start Mining Ethereum?
mobile mining.That is true. Nice @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Ethereum is an open-source public distributed platform has scripting functionality. Ether uses Proof-of-Work algorithm that reduces possibility of twice transaction in a network. Initially different sources have been used to mine Ethereum. But nowadays, following process are used for mining Ethereum.
  • Mining Hardware
  • Install the Software
  • Testing
  • Cloud Mining Pool
To know more:
I didn’t get whether you’ve purchased mining equipment or no. I mean asics or gpus.
If yes, I would rather recommend you nicehash ( as a pool, because it’s much better for beginners, but it’s only for bitcoin mining. If you don’t have equipment, you can go for cloud mining.
I personally, started with this company They are good for newbies, cause have the smallest possible contracts and the demo ones as well.
Hello ,maybe you could find its right answers on ,it has many GPU rigs and graphic cards for your choices
Hi all
I think bitcoin miner is the best option the investment .
Best miner sale site
Previous week i'm buying miner in this site.
Payment method bitcoin so thats good...

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