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How to participate in an ICO (for newbies)
[size=large]Today there is a lot of ICO. This is a very hype topic. Therefore I advise you not to lose time and try it.[\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=large]I will tell you my experience of participating in the ICO. This is my first time, you can congratulate me. So how I chose the project for investment:\r\n[\/size]\r\n
  1. First of all I visited ICO trackers (like this\u00a0[url=][color=#4078c0][\/color][\/url]) and was looking for the upcoming ICO. I was looking for a promising project with computer technologies. And I found it.\r\n\r\n
  2. Then I visited the project\u2019s social network and read the white papper(important!).\r\n\r\n
  3. I also visited their thread on bitcointalk.\r\n\r\n
  4. I tried to contact the CEO of the project via LinkedIn. And Oh my God he answered me! This was a pleasant surprise for me. He explained to me the details of the project and spoke about the value of the token in a few months.\r\n\r\n
  5. I registered on myetherwallet and bought some ETH.\r\n\r\n
  6. After that I registered on the website of the project \u201cBoosteroid\u201d.\r\n[\/list]\r\n[size=large]I was lucky as it was pre-ICO and I bought tokens for super price of $0.10 per token.\r\nBoosteroid team promises that their tokens will appear on the Bittrex exchange on Feb. Good news, isn\u2019t it?[\/size]\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n[size=large]Now I\u2019m looking forward to the end of the ICO. And then I\u2019m going to try to work with the exchange. I really hope for a huge profit. Good luck Boosteroid team![\/size]\r\n\r\n\r\n[size=large]Guys if you know projects with a promising profit, please let me know.[\/size]
Frankly speaking, I will not be putting too much time into these, as it will not get us anywhere at all. I feel it is much better that we go with solid options. \r\n\r\nOne such option is [URL=]USI-Tech[\/URL]; it is a technology company that specializes in the development of automated trading software in the Forex market and the Bitcoin. \r\n\r\nWith their highly safe and secure system, it helps us trading Bitcoin with huge level of success and generates solid revenue! With their 12 level referral system, it just doubles up our chance to make solid income consistently.
We got to be extremely wise with our choice, as that is what makes everything work well. If our selection is good and there is enough potential on there, then we will certainly be able to gains. My pick is very simple and that\u2019s [URL=]Logancoin[\/URL]. It\u2019s the FIRST and probably very few decentralized peer to peer lending cryptocurrency that is based on a fair distribution of wealth, which will allow anybody to store, trade and lend their assets with no contracts and ability to reinvest starting from just 1 USD, it makes them pretty special!
Thanks for sharing! I started investing in a few ICOs manually using this method, but it then becomes difficult to track the coin's worth when it's not on a major exchange.

Now I use Coinigy to track and trade the more mainstream altcoins across several exchanges. This allows me to keep track of my balance in one place and not forget about any coins Smile << Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency Security Discussions >>
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[color=#333333][size=medium]Hello,\u00a0[\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#333333][size=medium]\u00a0[\/size][\/color]\r\n[size=medium]I think -\u00a0\u00a0Everyone can participate in an ICO business. Most ICOs are based on cryptocurrencies, usually either Ether or Bitcoin.\u00a0[\/size]\r\n[size=medium]\u00a0[\/size]\r\n[color=#333333][size=medium]So you are interested in participate in a future [url=]initial coin offering [\/url](ICO) of a blockchain company, but you have literally no idea where to start. Here\u2019s an easy step-by-step guide that you can follow on route to your ventures into the world of cryptocurrency.[\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[size=medium]Step 1: Obtain Bitcoin\/Ether[\/size]\r\n\r\n\r\n[size=medium]Step 2: Create a Blockchain Wallet[\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=medium]Step 3: Participate in the ICO![\/size]\r\n\r\n[size=medium]Step 4: Securing your tokens.[\/size]

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Right investments in ICO are the most important thing to do since we could gain massively through it. I always try to be very careful with how I go about doing the stuff since that’s how I am able to gain more. It’s great for all with Duecoin, as it is created to make things easy!
[size=small][font=Arial]I would recommend that if you are a newbie, don't just trust any startup and invest in ICOs blindly. Always check the ICO website, read the project's whitepaper, check their team profiles and advisors and then decide if a particular ICO is good enough to invest or not. You can also check good ICO websites to check a project's ICO rating such as Track ICO, ICO Bench, and ICO Holder. I also follow these tips, however sometimes the rating procedure seems a bit suspicious like I found one ICO named [url=][b]GigTricks[\/b][\/url] with 5 star-rating that I find hard to believe Smile but yes the project do seem legit.[\/font][\/size]
I don't believe in ICOs. I think most ICO end up enriching the pockets of the guys behind it
I may be wrong though is Nigeria's trusted cryptocurrency exchanger. buy bitcoin in Nigeria
Thanks for the useful info! That's what I was looking for! I'm going to invest in my first ICO soon
I'm also new in investing in ICOs and I'm looking for new trustworthy ICOs right now. I just read about new iTrue platform recently and I think it's gonna be a win-win project. It gives so many benefits to its users and enables businesses to improve authentication. Thanks for the tips!

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