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I'm happy I came across this site
I stumbled upon this site rather by accident, but I've aready spent quite some time here.
It was only a couple of weeks ago that I became interested in Cryptocurrency, but my girlfriend already thinks I'm obssessed.
There's so much to learn, and so many sites to discover.

I've started my Bitcoin-related website ( initially with the plan to sell it, but meanwhile I got so caught up in it, I decided to keep it myself.

I'm already planning to set up more cryptocurrency related sites - I just need to find the time to do it, since I'm running an internet marketng business as well).

Anyway, I've already found some very interesting stuff here, and I'll be sure to come back regularly and become an active contributor.

You'l hear from me soon!

thanks man

your girlfriend will left you

if you want to make me smile don't post faucet sites that everyone knows already, the forum is called "bitcoinblackhat" bring me something new Rolleyes

enjoy buddy!

by the way...your site is very nice!

I am glad you came along, and i like your site. I also have some ideas for few more bitcoin related websites. Enjoy your stay here!
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man i got this problem that was your site was denying me the access to the content without register an email

so i hack a work around
[Image: JcSyXo.png]

i got all the content with no register, stop that register thing, you are losing users


I've replaced it with something less obtrusive.

Thanks for pointng it out to me.

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