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I've got a question
What do you think adout this casino?
I do not like it. It is better to trade on exchanges than to play in a casino, this is at least more predictable.
I'm agree with the previous opinion. I've never heard about it before, I prefer to play games at casinos from this list\u00a0[url=][\/url]\u00a0instead. There are lots\u00a0of reliable and well-known casinos which accept BTC and other cryptocurrencie. Good luck with gambling!
Thanks everyone for their answers and help! i like that topic because it relates to the casino.
I think that this website has one of the most trustworthy online casino reviews list and I can also recommend reading those tips and strategies. I'm not a pro, but it helped me, to get more into it. So I hope that you'll find what you are looking for Rolleyes
I'm looking for Bitcoin blackjack players here, began to play it only some time ago and want to look at more experienced players, talk to them, learn something, and so on, I'd be happy to have a chat with some cool guys, who know how to play really hard! Write me back, pals, ok?

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