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This is a bot for irc networks.
written in php.

######Bot Setup
[Image: JuyWPI.png]

#######Example of bot working
[Image: NDDPkw.png]

Available commands
!btc [get btc price]
!wallet wallet_address [get wallet stats]
!news [get latest coindesk news]
!youtube search [search for youtube video]
!dns http://url [get url ip]
!locate ip [find ip country]
!dom ip [get ip hostname]
!pt ip:port [chek if por is open]
!tt http://url [get page title]
!md5 text [md5 encrypt]
!b64 text [base64 decrypt]
!eb64 text [base64 encrypt]

[Download for windows]

[Download for Linux mac and others]

After you setup the bot the window will go black, allow 10 seconds to the bot enter in the channel, if it doesn't close and run the bot again.

I'm not sure if i'll keep developing the bot, if user request or something special ill perhaps do it Shy

(btc price is from btc-e ticker)


Tips welcome to: 1Fwj2bdbjRh1RaCvMMBC4KApyvuHKKiXrG

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