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Investing in ICO
Hello guys,
Since I’m getting really interested in investing in ICO’s, I wanted to create this thread. Im taking the plunge on my first ICO next month. I will be buying some RED PULSE (RPX). I'm interested to hear what some of you guys' favorite upcoming ICO picks are...What's you opinion about ICO? High risk or high reward proposition?
Over the course of the last year, I have been watching the ICO market. I haven’t traded it at all. Some people I know trade them pretty actively. I just took a peek at Ripple.
It is an open-sourced payment network. It listed its own currency, XRP in an initial cryptocurrency offering. Yesterday, that currency had an aggregate market capitalization of $24.73 billion.
When I first started thinking about cryptocurrency I thought you might see companies issue crypto instead of equity. If it’s done strategically, issuing your own cryptocurrency is a good way to keep customers, and make your company sticky. Cryptocurrencies are networks. In an internet/information economy, the networked model works better than the centralized vertical silo.
When it comes to ICO I think t's better to read carefully any info about the new project to reduce the risks. I prefer to read reviews from reliable sources. I just found an interesting review about Dfinity ICO at [url=][\/url] and it seems to be very promising project. They have an experienced team and offer new improved blockchain-ecosystem with a ready prototype. I'm going to follow Dfinity ICO news to stay informed.
I think the idea to invest in ICOs is pretty intimidating, I do not know how secure it is but the idea to purchase tokens at huge discounts and then take great return can really give you a fortune. Yesterday, I came across an ICO by [url=]GigTricks[\/url], they are offering 75% discount on tokens. I mean are you kidding me? Now I am just calculating, how much I could earn if I invest in their ICO.
Before investing, I think that it's really important as much as possible about blockchain and about how it can benefit different industries. Here is a great example of its interaction with the gambling industry - It was quite interesting to check out this article for me and I am sure that you guys will love it too.

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