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Is it worth investing in bitcoins?
Bitcoin is the best investment option for a beginner as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. However, it is a highly volatile currency and a comparative study is a must before investing in it. It can give huge returns if you are a prudent investor.Try Bitssa to purchase Bitcoins
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Yeah, I feel it is absolutely worthy investing in Bitcoin, but we just need to make sure we don’t put all our stuff into this. I prefer investment in Bitcoin and all other options as well. 

I look at upcoming ICOs like Inlock, as there is so much potential there and it really helps one with going for gains. With loans backed by cryptocurrency concept, it is going to make life so much easy for beginners and one major reason why I have highest preference for it.
Yep, bitcoin is highly volatile, which makes it risky, but is also makes btc profitable. Anyway, you won’t know until you try?
IMO, bitcoin will always be worth investing. You can simply check CoinMarketCap statistics, and see that Bitcoin still embraces dominant position. So, I think it makes sense to buy btc. However, we can’t deny that it’s a risky investment. Not only because of volatility of btc, but also because of risk of being scammed. Luckily such risk can be easily managed by using reliable trading platform (I’m on cex (, you can check conditions of this and other reliable exchanges and make your choice too).

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