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Lifetime offer - Free $35,00 crypto coinbase [14th of June 19]
Current coins: XLM, DAI, EOS, BAT

Steps to be followed;
- Verify yourself on the exchange

Once verification is done;
- Go here

How to do this the fast way
Click: Watch the video, skip to 10 seconds before the end.
Click: Answer the Quiz.
Click: Choose the answer, multiple choice. If it's wrong just pick the next one.

When you've got it right you'll get $1,00 or $2,00 in the current value of that coin.
You can do this a few time with different coins.

A thank you and some coins my way would be very nice gesture. 
Coins can be sent for free to my Coinbase emailadres [email protected]

Click on "sent", near the coins -  switch to tab "e-mailadres" and sent some coins to [email protected]

Side note for the rich people:
If you've got some money on hand -> make a deposit of $100,00. You'll get $10,00 extra in BTC.

Looking for easy to claim faucets? Below is a list that I will keep up to date. These faucets or claimable sites are without pop-ups, shortlinks, just pure claim for a mere simple captcha click.

Tips and tricks
Use Google chrome with addon: Auto Text Get here: Chrome extension
Set it up when you type "BTC" it automatically writes your wallet number. This makes it easily for websites which don't save your wallet.
You can use the appender for any coin you'd like, just add it to the list to automatically "replace" a text you type into the wallet address.

Need a place to create all these claimable coins at once? Consider using Binance Exchange to easily make a secure and cheap wallet.
Binance registration

Some of these sites you'll need a faucethub account. Faucethub is a website that you can easily claim and chat for BTC rain.
Register on faucethub here

Need a bot that does all the work for you?
Get the best allround bot here

CLAIM AREA per coin below

My all time Favourites (highly trusted)

Amount 10 satoshi and free loterry tickets per 1 hour (recaptcha, or double captcha) : Register here
Amount 10-300 satoshi per 1 hour (Solvemedia) : Register here
Amount 0-100 satoshi per 5 minutes - 24 hours (solvemedia every claim), looks like coinpot : Register here
Amount 1-10000 liteoshi every 5 minutes - 24 hours (solvemedia) Coinpot like faucet : Claim here


Bitcoin Faucets:
Amount 0-100 satoshi per 5 minutes - 24 hours (solvemedia every claim), looks like coinpot : Register here
Amount 12000 satoshi MAX per 24 hours (Solvemedia every claim) : Register here
Amount 5-20 satoshi every 1 minute (reCaptcha only) : Claim here
Amount 10-30 satoshi every 30 minutes (Captcha every 1-5 claims) : Register here

Ads/paid to click
Amount 10-100 satoshi per 5-120 seconds (instant withdraw, no captcha) : Register here


Bitcoin Cash Faucets:
Amount 250 satoshi every 10 minutes (reCaptcha and mathmatical 5-2 captcha) : Claim here


litecoin faucets:
Amount 1-3000 satoshi every 5 minutes - 24 hours (solvemedia) Coinpot like faucet : Claim here
Amount 500-1500 satoshi every 10 minutes (Raincaptcha) : Claim here


Ethereum faucets:
Amount 398 satoshi every 4 hours (1 lottery ticket per claim) (SolveMedia each claim, instant withdraw) : Register here
Amount 1000 satoshi every 10 minutes (drag slider, close pop up) :  Register here


Digibyte Faucets:
Amount 0.02 satoshi every 60 minutes (Solvemedia each claim) : Claim here
Amount 0.03 satoshi every 10 minutes (reCaptcha each claim) : Claim here


Doge Faucets:
Amount 0.25 Doge every 4 hours + 1 lottery ticket (Solvemedia or Recaptcha, adjust in settings, instant payout) : Register here
Amount 0.35 Doge every 60 minutes (no captcha) : Register here

Will be updated soon with more links on trusted, easy to claim and high paying faucets. Just Captcha faucet, no pop up faucets, no shortlink faucets, faucethub faucets, best faucethub faucets


Need a replacement for Coinhive miner? You can try this one:  Miner 
Alot less mining since the easy coinhive miner is gone, unfortunatly. This new miner is easily in setup and use.
Got a question? Feel free to post here, or you can simply PM me. I'll answer asap.
Removed one highly paying BTC faucet. It was no longer operational.
Own a good faucet? Pm me and I'll add it to the this topics list Wink!
Added an easy litecoin faucet. It handles the same way as the LTC faucet for coinpot. It's first in the LTC faucet catagory. Enjoy,
Removed fautsy. 8-10 satoshi for bitcoin is way too low to claim. Even with 2 captcha's to be fulfilled.
Changed description on 2 faucet payouts. Minimum is 5 minutes, best to claim every hour, but atleast claim once in 24 hours to keep activity bonus.
Added another faucet. Own a good faucet? Don't hesitate and PM me here to have it added to the list.
Also see my Free bot topic. Some of these faucets i've created bots for already.
Thanks for all the refs this far. Appriciated. If you run into a site which you want a bot for PM me.
Added another doge faucet! 0.35 without captcha! Hey-ho-lets go!
Free currency! Easy claimed and easy sent to your own wallet.

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