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Hey guys, do you promote movies online but Conversion is low for you? If that is the case we have created Ultimate Video Link Locker Template just for you. With this new locker you will be able to have amazing CR with your traffic and you can completely edit this to your liking. So start using it right away and see your CR go off the roof. If you need any help you can always ask us anything and we will help you out.

Here is the preview of how it looks like:

[Image: MIudR2d.gif]

This Ultimate Video Link Locker Template even have sound in it, so that will help even more.

If you have any questions send me message here, skype or on the email.
My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.

Hello guys, there are some new changes in CPA World and I bet you all see them.
Here at Mgcash we are keeping up with the time and we made some huge updates so it will help you with earnings. As far as you know everybody who is pushing France traffic there have been problems because of the advertisers, but we have found some new offers that will convert good and even better than last offers. And not just FR we have added a lot more other offers with amazing CR and EPC as you can see bellow:
[Image: c535760ac015af00fe605ad27add31bc.png]
[Image: 79Pc0GadTe_5vrZaNlROqQ.png]
We have also updated our Pre Hosting Landing Pages and added new ones PLUS you can create your own generator for every niche you want. Within few minutes you can have unique generator that will have amazing CR and EPC.
Here you can preview Edited Generator that you can use for your niches:
[Image: 6jpm62lCQHWBu3PqOzWsOQ.png]
On this Landing Page you can change whatever you want as you can see here:
[Image: tUZkf5NQT9y06-_PC4Y1hA.png]
Plus we can get you any offer you need with better payouts than other networks!
So if you need any help with anything let me know and I will help you out.

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My email is:
NemMG, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jun 2016.

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