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Old Games
Hi guys, a friend reminded me of some 17 year old game called tyrian, i got nostalgic and i went through a couple more games that i will share with you:

Tyrian, addcitive game where you can upgrade your ship and buy big ass weapons Smile
[Image: tyrian___core_by_galvayra.png]
[Image: tyrian_20006.gif]

After life Im not sure if you need to run this on dosbox or not. Game like sim city but you have to manage your own sky and hell, prepare the afterlife to the poor humans, very fun game in fact, with a great sound track.
[Image: afterlifess2.gif]
[Image: gogreleaseafterlife_1.jpg]

The next games are even more old , you need to use the dosbox emulator in order to play them, its easy to use the dos box, just read and follow instructions.

Command and Conquer (gold) no need presentations, everyone know this one Smile
[Image: CC_95_hires_02.jpg]
[Image: Red-Alert-Free-Download-8.jpg]

Lemmings old fun game, where you have to guide little lemmings to their destiny, very popular game.
[Image: lemminge.jpeg]
[Image: lemmings2.gif]

Cristal Caves Get crystals, pass the levels!
[Image: CAVES-T.png]
[Image: CAVES-02.png]

Baldies Very cool and addictive game where you have to kill the guy that lives in the other island, for that you can use magics or your baldies force. Its on my top 5 all time favorite games.
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
[Image: 74450.jpg]

God of thunder I just played the demo of this game back then, but was so nice than i played over and over and over and over the same 2 or 3 levels.
[Image: 568015-god-of-thunder-dos-screenshot-the-village.png]
[Image: godofthunder3.png]

Prince of Persia Classic Prince of Persia, nice twilight zone old game
[Image: prince4d-1.gif]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

One must fall Robot fight! Upgrade your robot! Kick robot ass's!
[Image: OMF2.png]
[Image: OneMustFall15942_large.jpg]

Colonization Build colonys trade with other native people, expand your territory , make a lot of money and kill everybody Big Grin the game is better than my description
[Image: Colonization_map.png]
[Image: 49269.jpg]

have fun! =)

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