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Prepared NiceHashMiner for more profit with lower cpu or gpu!
Hello @ all,

I prepared the great NiceHashMiner for more profit with lower cpu or gpu.

So you can use your private pc to earn $2-5 per day.

There are some steps to get it free:

Step 1: Register here as affiliate!

Step 2: Buy the NiceHashMiner for only $1 here (please only buy if you registered in step 1 as affiliate).

Step 3: Tell me your username and bitcoin-address per pm. I will send your money ($1) back to your wallet.

Step 4: Install the prepared NiceHashMiner (there is no virus or trojan) and enjoy your profits!

That's all!

I hope you find this new miner usefull and give me a good rate for this thread.

Thanks and best regards

Privex007, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Oct 2016.

Where's all this news? nicehash from the program for FREE just download it from their site ... and depending on the version and the algo you want to mine you can use gpu and cpu ..... or cpu + gpu together .... the gain is already visible from the miner, from the nicehash site or from any app for android or os .....
nicehash miner automatically adjusts the yield based on the hardware you have on your PC by doing the benchmark on the various algo that you can mine ... cpu now mine algo equihash or cryptonight ..... however on their site there 'the profittability calculator based on your hardware ....
gelmo74, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.

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