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Questions for making BTC faucet bot (UBot v ZennoPoster?)
So I'm kind of new to this whole bot making scene..
This is with regards to automating Bitcoin Faucet collections.

I've experimented with iMacros and it seems to get the job done on a very basic level.
The best part of iMacros is that its basically free (firefox extension).

So I did more research for "better" scripting solutions and found UBot and ZennoPoster.. I've experimented a bit with both but I am still unable to decide which one I would like to continue using. (Plus they're pretty expensive)

Has anyone personally tried either of them and can give some feedback?

Thanks in advance
kevmb1, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since May 2016.

Have you tried UniBot ( It has many ready faucet bots today which are brought up by its community.

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