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Real Payout Investor Site
Hello everyone.. I see many scam and fake sites online and they only want to grab your money and then shut down their so-called "business" and many people losing money. I not only see this, but I also lost some money here and there.

The reason why I write this post is to show you my way of making money on a safe, but slow way, and it works for me.

1 of the things I need to know before I invest an amount on a mining site or other investors sites is if their support desk reply to my questions. Of course, this is not mean that they are people with good intentions, but for me, it is important to see how they react etc.

Beside this, I have decided never invest too much money so I invest (most of the time) a small amount like; BTC 0.001 and every time I earned something I reinvest it until I earn like; BTC 0.0001 in a week and then withdrawn it to my BTC address. Sometimes I invest a little bit more because I have more trust in the owner of the website.

You have to be very careful, but right now I receive payments from 2 mining sites and they still paying out. 1 of them is BestCoinInv (yes that's my referral link) and right now I receive every day a minimal of BTC: 0.001.

Hope you like my post
Here is my first withdrawn proof Big Grin

[Image: bsNSxy90TSVLmq3kGInKrgkdKtrWTK]

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Tomorrow I will send another withdrawn proof from BestCoinInv  Big Grin

[Image: RwMgLc]
Hi is my first picture to proof how my account is right now. My second reply will be the withdrawn

Image proof 1
Image proof 2
Hi is my withdrawn proof from a few minutes ago  Big Grin

Withdrawn proof
I wait for a few days and then come back for another withdrawn proof. My total withdrew until now is: Ƀ0.00804120  Big Grin  Ƀ0.00804120
The Bitcoin price is rising every minute  Big Grin so it's time to invest your money wisely and a.s.a.p because this is a golden time to invest. My desire for you is that you can create your own wealthy freedom. Good luck and stay tuned for my next withdrawn proof next week. Bye for now!
I just withdrawn BTC: 0.00251240  Big Grin Proof is on the image. You can still sign up here

We never know for sure how long these kinds of sites will be online. They offer now a 50% bonus by every Bitcoin you invest...

Image proof link

[Image: 8X7Np6XNchtnIUpY3adhxvqPVk4MEo]
Bitcoininv is over, no more payment possible. Again a SCAM...
I am busy contacting the owner what is going? Looks like a  Scam ? I notice that it is difficult for small investors to find a trustfull andI honest cloud mining website. 

Untill now they are all SCAM ?

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