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Review of new posts & threads
Hey there,
i've noticed that the last time there are less new threads on BTCBH than a few weeks ago.
Sometimes it feels if the forum is dieing slowly...that would be very, very sad.
I like that place and want to read and write more and not less.

Last night i've answered a post and opended a new thread...or better: i've tried.
25 hours later both are not published yet.

I can understand that sometimes it's better to review things before they get published, but if that takes 24h or more that's not good for the communication of the community.
People want to get quick response and post new things when they are new (or people think so...) and not a day later.

I think faster publishing would help to keep BTCBH alive and growing.
But i don't just want to moan around, i want to give solutions (maybe...)
So you could create a new group for members with min. X posts (trusted members) and give other publishing rights to that group.
Or get new mods, so they could review faster. I don't have so much time and i'm relatively new here, but i would like to help you a bit, if you want...

Keep BTCBH growing bigger! Smile
I agree, I'm waiting over 24h now, and thought my article was sent, so I've sent it again today. I don't know, that it takes so long, until my article is published...
I hope it's no problem for admins to have one post two times, I've dont know this before until I read it here...

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