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Suggest some reliable online casinos
Do you gamble? What is the best casino to play online for beginners?
Hey. Maybe it will be unusual, but try to play in the Swedish SvenskKasinon casino. I live in Sweden not so long ago and I realized that there is a strict approach to all resources. I tried to play on the advice of a friend, but I'm not a player, so I was lucky a couple of times. If you know all the secrets of gambling, then welcome.
0- LuckyGames - You can test the site with the tokens, which can be exchanged for prizes in the store of the site, has more than 70 different cryptomedas to play, exchange with low value of exchange, withdrawal with low value, interactive chats, events in the site and forum, vips raffle, coin rains, games-chat, speed-driven rolls, various winning opportunities, is at the top that I can tell you:

1 - bitsler, after those updates, manual withdrawals, cut of looted bets of the faucet (system of lvl useless), many complaints of banishment la, neither enters the sites that indicate, is out of the air and becoming in decadence

2 - cryptogames, little I played it, felt all the sites the easiest to win, I managed to leave in dicebot a game running without breaking for a 3 days ... relatively a good site, but the chat is bad and the rolls well slow equal primedice, points that the lucky one passes in the front

3 - duckdice, high faucet, to get out of the faucet with a certain tolerance, but their level system is cretin, it is not progressive, if you do not deposit and bet with a 200k sat. or another equivalent currency, it generates a negative wagered that goes back to its level ... invested it one time and stopped, my lvl is already going back to zero, I must stop playing the ...

4 - throwthedice, is trying to climb, yet the site does not have an attraction that holds the player or that inspires large deposits to bet, does not pass confidence ... trhow comes from those tepla ready of the bitsler as was the zoom, psycho ... lucky after you added ECO was lighter and very good

5- royale casino, the proposal of the site is interesting, futuristic style, varied faucet of coins the player's choice ... more interactive and chatty interface but very limited, I had taken an ohada in the inspect elements and is very similar to the primedice ...

In relation to strategies, play first with what sites offer you free to get used to the environment, do not just follow tactics done on youtube automatically, all medium-long term will break you ... Play for the shortest possible time and at intervals, if a good winning sequence or a losing streak is taking place ... pause ... Remember that the games are programmed with a% house edge and provably fair, where the player wins but also by justice has to lose, practice to manage to have bigger gains and minimize losses ... Success in your game.
filipesantiago, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jan 2017.

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