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Travel around the world by bike and pay with bitcoin
[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Hi, my name is Alex and I like to travel by bike. I'm travelling since 2009, mostly across Europe (Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, etc.). The average duration of my trips is 15-20 days, during which I ride about 2000 km.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]So far I've ridden and enjoyed the roads, nature and people I've met. But now I want to do something real big - to ride by bike around the world and make regular reports about my journey. I'm going to write articles and shoot videos about discovering new places, share the stories and experience on social networks and YouTube, make bike travelling more popular.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Here is the route, which inspired me, and which I expect to finish withing 3 years:[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[img][\/img]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]I'm already equipped with bike, tent, action camera, travelling bags, and some money savings to start the travel. But I don't have a source of funds to cover further expenses - about 20-40 dollars per day (depending on country) for food and staying in motels sometimes to update the stories about my travel and wash my wear.\u00a0[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Please make a donation to my bitcoin wallet 12xr48LXhuYuYfqRWC7opv4ckuA3eoob6d and help me in achieving my goal. Every satoshi counts[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#000000][size=small][font=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]I expect bitcoin will become widely-accepted very rapidly. So, during the journey I will be able to pay with bitcoins for food and services in many places, with no need to cash it out, which will make the journey much more comfortable. I will highlight the spots, where I stayed and bitcoins are accepted, which, I hope, will make bitcoin even more popular.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[img]http:\/\/\/uploads\/170816\/RqH2I3D2eD.jpg[\/img]
good idea, how did you come to such an interesting thought?
JCjimmy, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Jul 2017.
Traveling is a very attractive idea now. Unfortunately, it is too expensive. Though there are some ways to bring down the price. First and foremost, this car rental. You should find one with the best price-quality relationship. For me, it is usually travel across the USA with it
What a great idea! Please keep us updated with the progress of your travels. I also would like to hear about how the changing price of crypto from day to day affects your journey. << Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency Security Discussions >>
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