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Viral Crypto Trading Robots, Software and Systems
We will present here a list of the popular trading robots and new trading software that companies are releasing for automated trading of crypto currencies. 

Honestly, most of these trading systems do not live up to their expectation and you should be very wary of using any trading software unless it is with a Legal, Licensed and Regulated Forex Trading Broker.

Bitcoin Code is the most viral software, but the official website is unknown as there have been so many copies made of it, you never know if your are using a real software or a fake one. 

Read a review of the Bitcoin Code Scam.

CryptoRobot365 was heavily advertised on Google before they blocked the advertisements of these fake "get rich quick" crypto systems.

Read a detailed Review of Crypto Robot 365.

Ethereum Code starting gaining popularity once people started to realize that Bitcoin Code is actually too good to be true. Various online forums started receiving complaints about the "crypto brokers" who were stealing peoples money. So now we are seeing Ethereum Code everywhere.

You must see the article Ethereum Code Exposed.

Licensed Brokers Offering Crypto Currency Trading

Smart people only use a licensed forex broker to trade crypto currencies. 

Look at this recent list of the largest bitcoin brokers.
Forex Trading Software
Interesting topic. I am sure many people find this really helpful.
Forex Trading Software
Amazing!!!! I like your content. I agree with your reviews and I appreciate for your efforts
Forex Trading Software

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