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Web Browser Miner - Earn 50% More on Your Traffic with JS mining
how to mine how to add new source plzz tell and send some screenshot or video how to use

Firstly you need to register. 
You can write your login PM and I'll make the code for you.
[b]Mineralt Team at The European Summit this weekend!\r\n[\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]Dear partners![\/b]\r\n\r\n[b]\u00a0Mineralt is a Gold Sponsor of the \European Summit\. It's the major networking conference and digital products expo which will take place in Cascais (Lisbon), 2-5 March 2018. Our Crew will be glad to meet in person with our partners at the booth \u211645.[\/b]\r\n[b]You can book the meeting with our Crew here -[\/b]
Just register. Like to mine. Please provide me with the code.

You can write your login PM and I will explain you all
Dear partners!

The domain was changed to improve bypassing Adblock detections. You need to log in your account, copy the new script code and re-install it on your site.

Also we implemented dashboard in your personal accounts, where you can see detailed data of your statistics.

Contact us if you have any questions.

We are always glad to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas!
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Angel Angel Angel
seems very interesting, I'll try and see how much I want to win
angelusce79, proud to be a member of How To Get Bitcoins since Feb 2016.
[align=center][b][font=Arial][color=#3399ff][size=large]Today browser mining has become yet more profitable! Mineralt launched the long-expected mining of Electroneum on desktops and on mobile devices.[\/size][\/color][\/font][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]The last two weeks, the profitability of Electroneum mining compared to Monero has changed from 10% to 70% at the same CPU load. Today, at the moment of this publication, according to[\/font][\/size][\/color][url=https:\/\/\/] [color=#1155cc][size=medium][font=Arial]Wh\u0430ttomine[\/font][\/size][\/color][\/url][color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial] cryptomining calculator, Electroneum mining is more profitable than Monero by 37%.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[align=center][img]https:\/\/\/HfYhKHH.jpg[\/img][\/align]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]To earn more, you need to switch the script to Electroneum mining and update the script codes on your sites.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial][\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]Create \New traffic sources\: enter the name of the source, specify the URL and select ETN (Electroneum) from the Coin drop-down menu. Copy the new script code for the added source and replace it with the script code that was previously used for \u00a0XMR (Monero) mining.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]Earned Electroneum you can withdraw in USD, Monero (XMR) or Electroneum (ETN). Payouts are always made when the minimum amount in the equivalent of $5 (USD) is reached, each working day in the Payouts section.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]Earlier the similar service \u0421oinhive released the script for Monero mining, which is based on the Cryptonight algorithm. But since this release, another cryptocurrency - \u00a0Electroneum - which is also based on \u00a0the Cryptonight algorithm, has shown rapid fast-moving growth, and Mineralt is happy to provide a new online Electroneum miner to our partners.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]We are proud to announce that Mineralt is the first from the largest and the most reliable services in the browser mining market, who developed online browser mining script for Monero and Electroneum.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]On March 5th, the developers of Electroneum launched a mobile miner. It is a simple way to earn cryptocurrency using your smartphone, installing a special Application for Android.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]On March 19th, Mineralt expanded the limits of \u00a0Electroneum mining - now the mobile cryptocurrency is mined directly from the browser.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]The Mineralt script uses WebAssembly for browser mining and it works with 70-75% performance compared to the Android application Electroneum, but it is compensated by the following features:[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]- no need to install a mobile application[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]- there is no restriction on the type of device[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]- there is no limitation on the device OS[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#535353][size=medium][font=Arial]If you have a website, mobile application, browser extension, or other types of browser traffic, then the Mineralt script is the easiest way to earn extra cryptocurrency on the browser mining having asked your \u00a0users' \u00a0permission.[\/font][\/size][\/color]
last days, there were many red websites, bc of .wasm files, etc... how about future updates?
commondaen, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Nov 2016.
[align=center][b][color=#414141][font=Verdana][size=medium]Mineralt team made a comparative analysis of different mining methods: ASIC mining vs Browser mining.[\/size][\/font][\/color][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]Recently two major manufacturers of mining hardware, Baikal and Bitmain, announced the release of ASIC for the CryptoNight algorithm.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]Until today, the CryptoNight algorithm has been mined using CPU, GPU and of course with the help of browser mining.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]Read all details in our [\/font][\/size][\/color][url=][color=#3498db][size=small][font=Verdana][b]blog[\/b][\/font][\/size][\/color][\/url][color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana].[\/font][\/size][\/color]
(Mar 25 2018, 05:32 PM)commondaen Wrote: hey! 
last days, there were many red websites, bc of .wasm files, etc... how about future updates?


Our script do not have such problems.
Can you give examples of sites where you have this problem?
[align=center][b][color=#3366ff][size=medium][font=Verdana]Auto multi-coin mining \u00a0\u2013 a feature which helps to earn[\/font][\/size][\/color][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][b][color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]Now Mineralt is able to track the real-time profitability of cryptocurrency and quickly choose the most profitable coin for mining.[\/font][\/size][\/color][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][img][\/img][\/align]\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]Increase your profit by switching the mode of mining to the \[\/font][\/size][\/color][url=https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/03\/auto-mining-interface.gif][color=#1155cc][size=small][font=Verdana]Auto[\/font][\/size][\/color][\/url][color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]\, and Mineralt will immediately start taking financially correct decisions for you.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]During last 2 weeks, the Mineralt script can mine 2 cryptocurrencies: Monero and Electroneum. Partners who switched mining to Electroneum see an increase in their earnings by 28.7%. But cryptocurrency market is volatile: every second the difficulty of calculations in the network changes, exchange rates of \u00a0Cryptonight coins to the USD and Bitcoin are also changing[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]We developed the algorithm that calculates in real-time the most profitable coin for mining. In case the situation on the market has changed, your script automatically switches to the mining of more profitable cryptocurrency.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]The Mineralt command recommends choosing the mining script mode to \[\/font][\/size][\/color][url=https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/03\/auto-mining-interface.gif][color=#1155cc][size=small][font=Verdana]Auto[\/font][\/size][\/color][\/url][color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]\.[\/font][\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#414141][size=small][font=Verdana]We'd like to remind that Mineralt's partners can withdraw earnings in mined cryptocurrency, USD, Bitcoin or other types of currencies every day.[\/font][\/size][\/color]
[align=center][size=large][color=#3366FF][b]Important announcement: a major update of the script before the Hard Fork Monero on April 6th and new improvements[\/b][\/color][\/size][\/align]\r\n\r\n[align=center][img][\/img][\/align]\r\n\r\nWe recommend you to update the script for your traffic sources: the major release of the new updated mining script was made yesterday.\r\n\r\nThe mining algorithm was changed for the coming hard fork Monero. Do not forget that it will be impossible to mine Monero (XMR) using old PoW algorithm after April 6th. It concerns the browser mining as well as the GPU mining and ASIC mining, read all details [url=https:\/\/\/forks\/]here[\/url]. All Mineralt partners continue to mine XMR. Read more information about the hard fork Monero in our [url=https:\/\/\/blog\/mineralt-is-ready-for-hard-fork-monero-on-april-6th\/]blog[\/url].\r\n\r\n[align=center]Improved AdBlocks' bypass[\/align]\r\n\r\nAt first, the script connects WSS protocol, which blocks AdBlock. If the connection is unavailable or terminated, the script automatically connects to HTTPS protocol. This approach allows significantly, in some cases by tens of percentages, to increase income.\r\n\r\n[align=center]The script domain and the script name were updated[\/align]\r\n\r\nThe old domain was pessimistic, so we recommend to use a new one. Therefore, we updated the JS script name.\r\n\r\n[align=center]NiceHash test[\/align]\r\n\r\nYou'd be happy to know that we launched closed tests of \coin\ NiceHash. Read more about NiceHash [url=https:\/\/\/]here[\/url].\r\nLong story short, by means of Nicehash with Cryptonight algorithm Bitcoin (BTC) mining will become possible for browser mining. After successful tests, we will open NiceHash mining with BTC payments for all partners Mineralt.\r\n\r\nAlso, we improved the interface and fixed a lot of minor bugs.
[align=center][b][color=#141414][size=small][color=#2969b0][size=large]April\u2019s Release Pack: Sumo, Nicechash, Proxy-domains and JS API\u00a0[\/size][\/color][\/size][\/color][\/b][\/align]\r\n\r\n\r\n[color=#141414][size=small][b]New Coins for Mining: Sumokoin and Nicehash[\/b][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#141414][size=small]2 new coins are available for mining - Sumokoin and Nicehash. Now, Mineralt can mine 4 coins: Monero, Electroneum, Sumokoin and Nicehash.[\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#141414][size=small][b]Custom proxy-domains[\/b][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#141414][size=small]Now Mineralt can use your domains to run the script.[\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#141414][size=small][b]JS API[\/b][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#141414][size=small]The open JS API allows you to control the work of the script on your sources more subtly - manage the CPU load in real time, start or stop the script work, \u00a0monitor hashrate and much more.[\/size][\/color]\r\n\r\n[color=#141414][size=small][b]Performance Improvements[\/b][\/size][\/color]\r\n[color=#141414][size=small]We constantly improve our product in everything. So in April we fixed some UI

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