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Why do most bots use 9KW? Are people making profit?
I was just wondering why do most of the bots here use 9KW rather than other services?

For example -

9kw - $5.61130 (0.009270 BTC) = 4000 Captchas = $0.001402825 Per Captcha

captchasolutions - $2.8 = 4000 Captchas = $0.0007 Per Captcha

2captcha - 1000 Captchas = $0.5 = $0.0005 Per Captcha

Why pay so much more when the bots could all use something like 2captcha for far cheaper?

Is it something to do with the speed and success rates? or is it down to the fact that it's better known with bot makers?

I ask because i am aware these are micro earning but some of the bots i have seen look as if they stand to make a loss in general.

For example say you could find a faucet that really pays 1000 satoshi (Most are only 50-80 btw) then used the cheapest captcha solver (Maybe 2Captcha?) and had 100k captchas solved correctly -

0.00001000 (1000 Satoshi) = $0.0061037000 ($0.0056037 Profit) (Every 100,000 captchas solved you profit $560.37)

That is not too bad with 1000 satoshi and cheap captcha solving but for other services it only seems worth it with the highest paying faucets?
davidxy, Member of Bitcoin Black Hat since Sep 2016.

Yes, you are absolutely right. I also don't understand why people still use 9kw. It is very expensive. 2captcha is a price leader. I don't have enough time to make bots lately, but when i do i will use only 2captcha.
And thanks for the topic! We should talk about these things more.
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